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Mazzi PL: Short Walk

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign Tomas Mazzi
[Stardate ]


Ensign Mazzi, Tomas Ilario

Stardate: 201804.06

Short Walk

* Takes place in the six month break.

It was beautiful.  It was the first thought he had the moment he stepped foot on the planet.  After being trapped on the Lexington (as enjoyable as that was), it was good to have his feet firmly in place in the soil.  It was good to be away from the recycled air, the grey bulkhead, and the hum of the engine. The air was crisp and fresh. Mineral rich dirt and lush green leaves mingling with the cool breeze that swept over the surface of the large lake to leave his senses refreshed.  Verdant green was vibrant against the bright light but not enough to blind him to the vibrancy of the life that surrounded him.

The campus seemed to blend well with the environment.  Open grounds, unassuming paths, buildings that were wider than they were tall and in muted hues allowed Outpost Phoenix to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

As much as he loved space, Tomas Mazzi appreciated the reprieve being planetside gave to his senses.  He always wondered when people stopped equating living on starships as being trapped inside a flimsy tin can with absolutely no possibility of escape.  It was no wonder that Starfleet vessels were required to have at least one trained psychologist on the roster.

He was rather fine with the concept of dying in the cold heartless vastness of space.  As long as he got to tinker with a warp core, Tomas was perfectly content to live in that proverbial tin can.

Especially if it meant he got to fly around the universe with a Sherilyn Kamin Vocke.

Other women simply paled in comparison.  Sherilyn had spunk, charisma, attitude, sass.  

He chuckled.  He could still recall the subspace communication he had with his brother, Demetrio.  The friendly rivalry that existed between them reared its ugly head. The eldest twin by one minute thirteen seconds refused to believe that he'd managed to get himself a girlfriend.  A hot alien girlfriend at that. He demanded photographic evidence.

“Pics or it didn't happen.”

The taunt was what had him veering off his path towards the residential building.  He needed to ask the woman on a date.

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