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Behr & Vasari: Log Series - Homestead: Rough Sawn

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by Doctor S. Vasari & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukas Behr
[Stardate ]

Log Series: Homestead
Lieutenant j.g. Behr and Lieutenant j.g. Vasari
(Note: This series takes place immediately following the Inquisition of Masterson plot.)

He was grumpy.  She never once kicked him, but she did keep him up all night with her dream.  There was no ignoring the sounds she made in her sleep. Lukas would have left the shuttle except that the storm still raged outside.  He had to wait several hours before he could escape. His clothes had dried enough that he could slip into them and he stepped out of the shuttle.  The operations officer rested his hands on his hips as he slowly looked over the landscape. There were only a few trees that had fallen, but the one over the bridge was the worst possible place to land.  He groaned and walked toward the structure, finding it completely impassable. A heavy sigh fell from his lips as he studied the destruction.

It took considerable effort not to feel disheartened about the state of the island following the storm.  The weather system had moved on like it hadn't even passed, leaving the sky clear and the air warm. They worked together efficiently.  They contacted Phoenix and informed the outpost of the situation. Thankfully, they were granted three days of leave to care for their home and clean up the mess.  It helped that their claimed property was a collapsed volcano. They ignored the scientist who rambled on about possibly setting up a weather monitoring station on their land.

There were moments when she wanted to ask him if anything had happened during the late evening.  Jane had a tendency to have vivid dreams, with her body reacting while her mind remained in her slumber.  It sometimes meant screaming or kicking through the evening or simply walking out the door without any concept that she wasn't awake.  Other times, it was far more intimate. Every time she opened her mouth to ask, she closed it and let the question die on her tongue.  She decided, in the end, she didn't want to know.

The German was torn between fixing the roof of their home first, or the makeshift shelter.  Both needed to be done sooner rather than later. Collecting the panels that had blown away was the easy part - they had been caught against trees that kept them from being taken away completely by the storm.  In the end, he started with their shelter. The lost panels were replaced and firmed up. They would probably have to remain in the emergency building for another month after the setbacks to their schedule. Once the structure was secure, he left Jane to work on getting everything aired out while he climbed onto the roof.  Several shingles had been pulled away, resulting in leaks that needed repaired.

They made note of the damage to the actual house and were pleased to find that there was a substantial layer of rock under the dirt that added stability to the foundation of their house.  The serendipitous find lifted their moods, and the Italian woman couldn't help but smile when she saw how Lukas seemed far happier because of it. He'd been a bit off all day. Well, if she had to be honest, for nearly a month really.  She simply shrugged it off as the natural ebb and flow to his emotional state, but she made a note to watch his level of exhaustion. He had a tendency to push himself beyond what she deemed healthy.

Cleaning the interior of the makeshift shelter was fairly easy work.  Clothes and linens were dried, debris swept away, broken equipment piled to one side.  Their mattresses were soaked, which was unfortunate. A call to the outpost had the quartermaster arriving in a roundabout to deliver new mattresses and take away anything that was damaged.

A window had broken from a flying branch, but the clean up was fairly easy.  Cautiously, Lukas peeled back the paper that protected the hardwood and he was surprised to find that it had survived fairly well considering.  There was a spot upstairs where the leaking water had soaked the ceiling but only caused a spot, and downstairs was good except for some scratches under the window that had broken.  They could easily be buffed out. Overall it had been a good learning experience and helped prepare them for what could happen in the future.

They tackled the tree the following day.  With the help of their friends - four from security and three from medical - they used phasers to cut through the thick trunk and the many branches.  The pile of useable wood were hauled to one side. They had hoped to rebuild the bridge that day, but there was no way to get to it in the quickly fading light.  Together, all nine officers were able to put in the metal supports before nightfall. Laying out the wooden planks went quickly the next day and the two friends were able to proudly stand on their newly built, metal reinforced bridge before lunch.

They returned to their routine the next day, commuting together for work and home.  Sometimes they enjoyed lunch together, but without the need to plan rooms or the structure of the house, they managed to eat with their colleagues in efforts to show their appreciation for all their assistance in building the island house.

Jane wasn't sure what was going on through her best friend's head, but he seemed to stand well within the confines of her personal bubble more often than not.  It left her face pink and she did her best to ignore it. He had stopped for so long that she'd forgotten how his proximity kept her warm. She kept to the banter that seemed to naturally exist between them, but it was a constant battle to remind herself that Lukas was simply the type to stand close and to flirt, that the opportunity had long passed, and that they were simply friends.  Still, she appreciated the little moments and she pretended it meant more than what she thought possible. As the days turned to weeks, the Italian did her best to show her appreciation for his presence in her life. She spoke openly, though shyly, of the memories they had while in the Academy, though she was careful to word her statements to avoid embarrassing herself. Although she realized the depth of her emotions, it was still difficult for her to verbalize them.  The words always seemed so lacking and trite.

Hope for their future had blossomed once again.  Her whispered plea to him echoed constantly and he remained close on the chance that he worked up the courage to ask Jane what …€Â˜Voglio passare tutta la mia vita con te' meant.  There was some question about why her statements were sometimes spoken haltingly but he was just glad to relive their memories as if they were yesterday. Lukas still couldn't say why his heart had simply stopped searching after meeting Jane Vasari.  He just knew he couldn't give up on his dream. The dream had no real essence, it was just an idea of a life with her. It was fun, laughter, adoration, beauty. And, it was spectacular.

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