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Behr/Vasari: Log Series - Six Months: The Neighbours to the Sides

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by Doctor S. Vasari & Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukas Behr
[Stardate ]

Log Series: Six Months The Neighbours To The Sides Lieutenant j.g. Behr and Lieutenant j.g. Vasari (Note: This series takes place immediately following the Koan plot.)

The run had been refreshing and spent commenting casually on the lake and the terrain.  Their usual distance of ten kilometers was easily made. As promised, he made breakfast.  Coffee with milk and biscotti and fresh fruit for her, a sausage link and over medium egg for him.  Lukas parted ways with Jane after they returned to their respective quarters, with the medical officer stating she was going to go work anyway.  The German intended to enjoy his days of rest and instead scouted the woods. Lunch was a sandwich and after returning to the residential building, he started dinner.  He made linguine, the pasta from scratch, with olive oil, roasted peppers, and squash - under the assumption that the Italian would be joining him for the meal. He ended up eating alone and boxed the rest up for her to enjoy later.  He started cleaning up the kitchenette.

“And then, he just spilt his coffee all over my white blouse!  Can you believe it? Who does that? I mean, seriously. Who does that?!  And then, he told me that brown was really my colour. Brown. With my complexion?  No. I'm a pale pink, not a bright olive! And my hair is gold. Not strawberry blonde!  Oh! You know what would look good on you? Streaks of grey. Yeah. That'd look really good on you!  We should do that! I can dye your hair! Oh! You'll love it!”

The blonde wouldn't stop talking.  It was insane. The dental hygienist just wouldn't stop.  Michelle Permann had followed her from the medical building when they happened to ride the turbolift together.  When they entered the residential building, Jane lamented at discovering that they lived on the same floor. It only got worse as the lean woman continued to walk down the carpeted hallway, ignoring every intersection.  

“Oh!  I live here!  Where do you live?  Did you meet Targid?  Isn't he nice? It's so sad that he smells the way he does.  He would probably make some girl happy if he took more care of himself.  Poor guy. Working reclamation. I mean, why do we even need reclamation these days?  We have the technology to simply make it disappear. Why don't we just- Poof!”

The Italian blanched when the blonde motioned to the door beside her own.  …˜Fanculo.'  Her eyes rolled to the ceiling and Jane simply kept walking.  She didn't want Michelle to know that they were neighbours. The medical officer was sure the hygienist would want to walk together to work, and that was just not happening.  She made her way towards Lukas' quarters and she couldn't help the impish twinkle in her eye. It'd be perfect revenge for the early wake up call. Though, there was a hint of hesitation.  …˜What if he ends up liking her?'  Jane scoffed.  …˜No way.  She's not his type.  Talks way too much, and he doesn't like blondes.'  She stopped in front of the door.  “This is me.” If she was lucky, she'd be able to stand there and Michelle would retreat to her own quarters.

“Really?!  Oh wow! We're neighbours!  That's so cool! We can definitely be girlfriends then!  Oh that'll be so fun! Do you want to come over for dinner so we can get to know each other better?  Do you like music? Oh! Do you know who really likes music? T'Lek! Oh gods! You should hear him sing!  Voice of an angel!”

No such luck apparently and Jane was forced to enter a code.  Silently, she hoped the woman would take a hint, but again there was no swaying the blonde.  The medical officer quickly considered the code that would allow her entry as if she lived in the space.  The first attempt completely failed. …˜Dammit, Lukas.  You and your stupid passcodes.  Why can't you be normal for once?'  Her neighbour apparently didn't even notice because she was busy talking, so the Italian woman simply tried every single stardate that came to mind.  The German operations officer had a tendency to use launch dates of old Earth sea vessels. There was no way to know which one, so she started in the early seventeenth century.  Fail. Fail. She never wanted to smack him more than that very moment. After the third attempt, she simply pressed the chime over and over and over again as she pretended to enter her code.

His gaze shifted to the door as he heard the constant chime.  The last time he'd answered the ringing it sent foul odors wafting into his quarters and completely impregnated his clothes with vile stench.  …˜The pasta wasn't aromatic, was it?'  Lukas approached and nearly whined softly with dread.  “Come,” he called out cautiously. He lifted his hand to rest on the door frame in case he needed to bar someone from storming into his space.

The moment the doors opened, she stepped inside.  Her stride was at a near running pace and the medical officer nearly bowled over the operations officer.  To recover, her arms lifted and wrapped over his shoulders. “Honey! I'm home!” Her plump painted red lips pressed against his and for the briefest moment, she forgot all about the annoying blonde behind her.

Surprise moved quickly through him, but the taste of her lips had him forgetting.  She tasted like summer, of vanilla gelato paired with the sweetness of strawberries.  A low groan rumbled in his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss with long suppressed passion.  Fingers curled into her curves and he held her tightly against him.

“Oh.  My. Gods!”  The squeal was shrill with delight.  “Are you married?! That's so sweet! I wish I was married.  I had a longtime boyfriend, but he was such a jerk. He told me I talked too much!  Could you believe that?! Me! I told him off though. I know how to stand up for myself!  I told him, …˜Look, mister! I know how to be quiet! I'm the queen of quiet!' So you know what I did?!  I gave him the cold shoulder! That's what I did! And you know what he said?! He said that it was the best sound ever!  Can you believe that?! What a jerk right?! Right, Jane? Right? Hello? Awww. Are you guys still kissing? That's so sweet!”

If only they'd broken their kiss because they needed air.  No. It was the scratching nails on blackboard voice that just kept going and going that pulled him from the serenity of Jane's kiss.  His darkened eyes lingered on her nearly black irises before he blinked and lifted his chin to study the woman who stood well within their personal bubbles.  There was some incredulity in his baritone that someone could manage to hold a conversation with herself for so long. “Wow, du musst den Mund halten. (You need to shut up.)”  Lukas furrowed his brows and leveled the blonde a dirty look.

“Oh wow!  What is that?!  How come the universal translator didn't pick that up?  Is that a made up language? Are you from Earth? You look human-”

“Eine erfundene Sprache?  Nein. (A made up language?  No.)” he muttered in confusion.  Lukas shook his head and shifted his hand up Jane's side to lightly grip her wrist.  “Excuse us.” He tugged the medical officer into his quarters and tapped the panel to close the door.  The operations officer could swear he heard the blonde continuing to talk through the bulkhead.

Her hand pressed against her lips and her eyes were unfocused as she stared at the far wall.  She barely registered being pulled deeper into the living space. …˜Oh, wow-'  It'd been so long since she and Lukas had shared a kiss, but the memory apparently lingered on her taste buds.  The sultry and addictive combination of scotch, black cherry, and apricot had her remembering the three months of fun.  At least, she had thought it was simply fun. The operations officer had thought it was more, and she hated to even remotely admit that he was, in a way, right.  The kiss left her breathless and she didn't care to admit that the pleasant fluttering in her stomach spoke of the lingering attraction she felt for him.

He couldn't help but smile when he noticed the far off look in her eye.  Selfishly, he hoped that she was remembering the best times that they'd shared.  Lukas kept one hand on the small of her back and he lightly caressed the line of her jaw to tip her chin up.  Once their eyes met, his smile warmed and a soft chortle rumbled in his chest. “I think we need to talk about this some more.”  His baritone rasped with the thickness of his emotion for her and he leaned down, only to pause when he heard a shrill falsetto accompanied by a harpsichord.  “Was zum ewigen verdammt. (What the ever-living hell?)”  The German straightened slightly and turned his head toward the wall he shared with a Vulcan.

Ken-tor rik'faiyan.  Ken-tor rik'faiyan. Worla puthinoi fan-orenan.  To'ovau eik-veshtaya kau. Lu ri puvikatau veshtaya.  Goh na'kastorilaya t'kashan. (To understand without knowing.  No learning is ever wasted. Wide experience increases wisdom.  Provided the experience is not sought. Purely for the stimulation of sensation.)

The spell over her was easily broken and Jane's eyes widened with horror.  It wasn't because Lukas was about to kiss her again - that, she wouldn't have minded - but because the music that assaulted her eardrums couldn't have been possibly real.  Her chin fell to her chest and her forehead pressed against his collarbone. “What is that?” she whispered softly, nearly whining. She had almost gotten another kiss. A part of her was glad for the interruption to whatever had happened between them, but a larger part - a part she didn't want to admit existed - was incredibly irritated that the proverbial water had been thrown over the mood.

“Fai-tor dan-ek-yeht'es.  Vun-namautau etek fai-tukh mesakh'hal-tor skonnlar, ik patal-tor kash-rallar.  Ken-tor rik'faiyan. Ken-tor rik'faiyan. (To know the ultimate truth, we must transcend knowledge, go beyond surfaces that our senses detect, to understand without knowing.  To understand without knowing.)”

His hand lifted to cradle her head against his chest and he sighed heavily as the grating noise continued.  “That must be T'Lek, a Vulcan science-” A wince silenced him as the crewman must have squeezed his cheeks impossibly tight to hit the impossibly high notes.  The vibrato was so bad, he was sure it had to be amplified by something. “Oh, ich habe noch nie zuvor zu Göttern gebetet. Bitte, hör zu und erbarme Dich, (I've never prayed to gods before.  Please, someone hear me and have mercy.)” he muttered to anyone that would listen.

“T'Lek?  Michelle said he sang like an angel.”  Her chin turned towards the wall as she glared.  “That isn't an angel. That's a freaking cat in heat.”

“Being tumbled in a dryer.”  He had been so close to another kiss!  A silent and quick adult temper tantrum flared in his mind as he cursed the Vulcan for being so terrible at singing.  Lukas frowned and sighed heavily as he rested his chin on the top of her head. At least there was comfort in holding her against him.  She was warm and smelled fresh, no matter her condition.

“I'm going back to my quarters,” she grumbled.  With a shake of her head, she pulled away and Jane made her way towards the main entry to Lukas' quarters only to stop.  She stared at the silver doors and made her way to the balcony entrance. The medical officer didn't want to chance having the dental hygienist knowing that she didn't live in the operation officer's quarters.  “Gods. This is the worst living conditions ever.” Her lungs filled with the cool evening air as she stepped outside.

His eyes followed her and for several moments he was stunned into silence.  Just by the whole evening - eating dinner alone and then suddenly kissing the woman he pined over.  The German raised his hand to stop her and opened his mouth, only to be closed off from her when the glass door closed.  “Why- What?” It took a few seconds, but he put two and two together and his eyes widened as he stared at the wall they shared.  “Oh, you- Seriously!?” Lukas scoffed and threw his hands up, shaking his head as he stepped into the kitchen to make himself a double malt scotch.  “I'm never answering the chime again.”

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