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Easter Festivities

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by Chef Bobby Harris
[Stardate ]


Bobby Joe supervised his entire kitchen staff as they worked on the project. They had been working on it for two days now with only a skeletal staff working on the food. But it was only hours away now and it was crunch time.
The last batch was finally finished and the last basket was decorated. The entire café had been transformed for this very special occasion. There weren’t many children on the outpost, but there were enough to justify the effort. The area near the café had been cordoned off and now those that had slaved over dying the eggs were now scattering them for an Easter Egg hunt.
Special country hams had been brought in and were now slowly roasting with honey glazes, spiked with pineapple rings and cloves. Vats of potatoes had been cooked, half of which were being made into au gratin potatoes and the other half into potato salad. Fresh rolls were baking making the whole area smell of the treat. Asparagus was roasted with olive oil and spices, making them the perfect balance between soft and crunchy. The normal menu items were also available, but for this day, a special feast was needed. And to finish the celebration off, a special dessert was made; Easter Dirt torte. Most people were unsure of it at the beginning as it did look like a pile of dirt on the plate but no one had ever failed to finish the treat.
The clock struck time and the sound of excited young voices filled the air. Each child was given a special decorated basket with a hand-made chocolate rabbit and peanut butter filled chocolate egg. They would then use these baskets to gather the brightly colored and scattered eggs, some of which were plastic and filled with other goodies. After the egg hunt, the Easter feast would begin for those who wished to celebrate the Earth holiday of Spring.
Bobby Joe stepped out to meet his guests. “Happy Easter everyone, let the festivities begin!”

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