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Arrival at Outpost Phoenix

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Nalakor
[Stardate ]

Rules of Acquisition which I live by: 1. Family can be used to gain property if not sold into slavery. 2. Rule 15 makes everyone nervous if used to intimate. 3. Don't let anyone live who made a mistake or made a fool of me, they die when I say their usefulness is up. 4. Klingon's can be used as bodyguards.

So, after I got Sretalor, wanted to outfit each ship with a cloaking device and it was hard to get so I used a small freighter as an ambush for two Klingon ship that could be cloaked. The freighter was carrying antimatter/matter fuel in its stores and I destroyed their impulse drive and communication system and I captured the crew of it by hiring the Orion's out to capture ten freighters plus any goods they carried are theirs's only if they don't destroy it. They are then to take them to a meeting place where I would have them outfitted with weapons and five of them used as bombs to capture the cloaking devices I am after. It costed a lot of profit but in the long run I see it as a big profitable venture. I have 5 freighters left which I use to tell the Klingons that I was paid by the Romulans and I was paid off with my second ship. I even suggested to the Klingons I would work with them if they protect my cargo and fight honorable with such endeavor I would make the Romulans pay in blood for I feared the Romulans were after the cloaking device so I put them on my ships. I would pay them and work for them to pay them off. I falsify many records and used my own ships sensors and record keeping before the Klingons ever arrived and they saw a Romulan D'deridex class at each encounter with them hailing me asking for Klingon technology so they can destroy the Klingons. I was paid by 12K bricks of Gold plated Latinum which was cheap compared to using their ships instead. But money is money. I used the GPL to set the crews with insurance that they wouldn't betray me unless they see my death sentence which I killed two on each crew that was not worth their weight on ship. I even ask the Klingons to make amends for what I did, I would betray the Romulans which I already met with a Romulan and used his name and said he was with the government and a spy.    


To make it all work, I tricked the Romulans into thinking a war was brewing with the Klingons which in turn made it seem through the Klingons eyes the war started or was in the making. Even told the Romulans I could scout out Starfleet for them for 12K bars of GPL per intel I could find. Found a lot of PADD's on an old ship in for repair replaced all those for new ones and used the logs to make them seem not forged. It must have been important because they wondered why I was aboard ship. Told them it was easy to dock and their protocols must have messed up. In reality it was easy to bypass the security codes with false ones and I used my engineering knowledge gained from reading Starfleet, Klingon, and Orion's handbook on piracy of technology. Then I left to make more money at the Outpost on edge of sensors.
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