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Proud of Bloodlines

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by Ensign Patricia Yancy
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Personal Log
Stardate: 201803.12

So today everyone got a memo to stay clear of sick bay unless you were pure blood human or betezoid. I avoid sick bay like the plague unless I have to fix something or ordered to for a yearly physical. Why would I want to go to sick bay, pure human or not?
Anyway, it got me thinking. I come from a long line of clock makers in Switzerland and before clocks; we made alpine horns and other precise items. My family has been doing this since the dark ages; we’ve even lived in the same village outside of the city for just as long. I grew up in the mountains, running with the mountain goats, chasing snow, and picking wild flowers. Doing meticulous detailed work is in my blood on both sides of my family. My father followed his father as his followed forever back. My mother’s father made Swiss Army Knives by hand because people wanted original knives like they had back in the beginning. My mother followed her mother in being a baker, making the best pastries in the entire village, and that takes precision. There were even people from the city that would drive out to our village to buy my mother’s pastries.
I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I am like my parents, very meticulous about all details. I’m also a bit of a loner, I’ll admit that. My mother said it was because I was an only child. It isn’t like I didn’t have friends growing up, I did. I just found the things they wanted to do silly and I didn’t want to do anything silly.
So yes, I’m a pure blood human for thousands of years and proud of it. I don’t have to rich and come from a long line of money to be proud of my heritage. I am very proud to be the daughter of my parents, both very skilled in what they chose to do because it makes them happy. I hope that when I’m old, I can be as happy with what I am doing. I guess the trick is to find someone who understand that and doesn’t want to change me. And I don’t think I’ll find it here. Oh well, I’m patient, I can wait.

Yancy out.

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