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I'm Not Blind

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by Ensign Patricia Yancy
[Stardate ]


Personal log Stardate 20180226

I’m not as blind as some people have accused me of being. It’s making me upset that just because I chose not socialize that much people think I don’t care. I do care and what I see could probably make a lot of people think twice.
Take my new favorite place to eat, Café Lydia. Chef Bobby Joe Harris is always sad. He hides it well and takes pleasure in his cooking and others enjoying his food, but he is always sad. I did a little checking and found out everyone he ever loved in the world is dead, the last to go was his Paternal grandmother and fiancée in a shuttle accident about four years ago. I don’t think a lot of people see that in him, they just see the smiling, happily cooking chef who loves to showcase his home city with food.
Another thing I see is the Commander. He likes to joke with the junior officers, seeing how far he can push them before they freak out. His sense of humor has probably gotten him into more trouble than it’s gotten him out of it. A lot of people thinks he’s serious when he jokes that way because none of it shows on his face. He’s a complete hand.
I just wish that people would quit judging me as not caring because I don’t like to socialize. Life would be so much easier if people would just mind their own business instead of getting into other people’s lives telling them how to live.

Yancy out

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