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Midwinter's Meeting Part III - Personal Log - Stardate: 201712.28

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by Fleet Captain Kaveh Arzie
[Stardate ]


Stimulance, OPX Galleria. Stardate 201712.29: 1247 Hours **>>    

Ensign Ishae ir-Temcaire'aekhhwi t’Lheollah walked down the Galleria the following afternoon, rolling an empty mug from the night before in her hands as she continued to mull over the events of the night before. Surely that wasn’t the best first impression to have made on a Commanding Officer, but things seemed to work out in the end. Captain Arzie even offered to mentor her, for Elements sake. Was that something that she wanted, though?    

Ishae travelled on autopilor as she walked into Stimulance in a bit of a haze. A haze until a yell snapped her out of it.

‘Ah! There’s my wayward mug!’ Exclaimed the diminutive, gold-skinned Ithenite. ‘I’d been wondering when it would find its way home.’

‘I-I’m sorry.’ Ishae stammered. ‘It wasn’t my intention to take it. Captain Arzie told me to finish it and to bring it back.’

Thasto nodded sagely. ‘Uh-huh. Sounds like Kaveh, alright.’ He answered. ‘Still, one of my best customers going on twenty years as the Terrans reckon it.’ He added, taking the mug and beginning to wipe it down with a towel.

‘You’ve known him a while then. He’s not what I expected from a Starfleet Captain.’ Ishae said, looking contemplative.    

‘Ha!’ Thasto ejaculated. ‘If spent any social time with him, you’d learn that quickly. I figured if you two were here last night, he’d’ve told you nearly his whole life story. Not a poker player, that one.’

Ishae nodded. ‘Ie. We discussed a bit of his research. He wants me to assist him.’

The mug fell to ground with a smash and the entire coffeeshop stopped to see what was happening. ‘Realllllllly?’ The Ithenite asked with shock and interest. ‘That /is/ newsworthy. Kaveh almost never asks for help with his work. Very much a “do-it-yourself fellow.’

Crouching down to help pick up the shattered mug bits, Ishae nodded. ‘Ie, something about an apprenticeship. I don’t know, though. I’m not much of a Scientist. Barely much of an Engineer. I’m not sure what I’m even /doing/ in Starfl--. . . ‘

Isahe was interrupted by Thasto’s sudden collapse to the ground.    The young Romulan wasn’t even able to get up for a medkit before he came back to, however.

‘Apprentice? Honey take him up on it.’ Thasto insisted. ‘I never thought he’d ever want to take one on. If he asked you, he definitely sees something in you.’

Ishae peered at Thasto. ‘Are you ok? That was a nasty fall.’

Waving his hands wildly at her Thasto replied, ‘Nevermind that! Go now! Say you’ll take him up on it. Very few programs beat a Royal Atlecian Society apprenticeship for all the skills anyone ought to know. Even Starfleet Academy, for all it’s “Look at us! We’re smart Starfleet officers” touting can’t match it.’

‘Y-you really think so?’ Ishae said, suddenly dropping all the mug-shards and equally suddenly taking the advice of a Hobbit of a man she had only just met.

‘Of course! Go now! Thasto reiterated.    

‘Ie!’ Ishae spoke with an emphatic nod. ‘Khnai'ra.’ She added, picking herself up off the floor and leaving the coffeeshop.

Thasto watched her as she left, a wide grin forming over his face as he turned to get a broom.


OPX Operations. Stardate 201712.29: 1257 Hours **>>    

Arriving in Operations, Ishae found the door to Captain’s Office open and him sitting at his desk, his high-backed chair facing away from the door. She knocked deliberately at the doorframe, sending a metallic rapping through the office. She coughed. ‘Captain?’

The chair swiveled back around facing the desk and revealing a rather bleary-eyed Arzie. ‘Oh, hey, Ensign. What can I do for you?’    

Clearing her throat before steeling her resolve, she stood up straight, ‘If the offer is still valid, I would appreciate following through on your offer to assist you on your projects and to teach me what you know.’

A grin crossed Arzie’s face. ‘Excellent!’ He said, setting the PADD he had been perusing onto his desk. ‘Meet me back at Stimulance at 1600 and we’ll get started.    I’ll meet with Commander Masterson about changing your shift.’
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