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Redecorating Before Opening

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Chef Bobby Harris
[Stardate ]


After grabbing a cup of chickory coffee and a few beignets, Bobby Joe went back to the Café to see what he could do to fix the mess it was in. Getting the paint, he repainted the sign, making the back ground gold with red trim and the letters emerald green in the proper scroll script. He then added a few musical notes on either side for an artistic touch. But it still wasn’t ready to be seen by perspective customers. The gray of the prefabbed walls didn’t match with the sign, so he painted them like aged brick. It took him all day to just take care of the outside of the Café. But it was getting done.
That night, the smell of gumbo wafted around his neighborhood. The spice that was so uniquely New Orleans along with the sausages and peppers started to make him feel a little more like home. He noticed a few people walking by the outside of the Café, taking note of the sign stating when it would open. If interest was this high so early, perhaps it would be a hit when it finally opened in less than a week.
Early the next morning, Bobby Joe made his way to the industrial replicator for his order. He made sure the tables and chairs were of the wrought iron designs he wanted, making sure the seats were comfortably padded and the stressed glass table tops were reinforced perfectly. He also made sure that big enough ovens, stove tops and fryers were created and shipped to the Café. The technician was curious why he needed so much by way of cooking appliances but nodded when told they were for a Café. He also had industrial sized refrigerators and freezers made and delivered as well as coffee makers and the proper counter tops and storage racks. When he was done, he had to return to the Café and put everything where it belonged.
Then he cursed when he realized there wasn’t enough power to the kitchen area, let alone outlets for plugging everything in. So he had to have an engineer come and rewire everything for him, which cost him another day of prep time. He kept himself busy decorating his house. He put up wood paneling on the walls and a few house plants. Then he put prints of his favorite scenes of New Orleans and musicians on the walls. The entire time he was working he had Louis Armstrong blaring, filling the air with wonderful Jazz.
Finally, engineering had the kitchen rewired and the appliances installed correctly. Bobby Joe returned to redecorating the inside of the Café now. He replicated a juke box and filled it with Jazz greats through the centuries. He painted the interior a cooling green with gold and red trims and stencils. He added some plants hanging in pots in strategic places. He made sure the tables and chairs were grouped for easy movement between tables yet still keep it intimate. Bobby Joe then thought a few booths were needed and asked if he could have five of them replicated and delivered. When they arrived, he stained the wood a deep cherry and changed the padding from bright orange to a dull gold with red trim. It was starting to look more like how he envisioned it.
It was now two days until he would open his doors. He had everything looking about right, a few knick knacks to make it better, but those could come later. He had the dishes he wanted and the cutlery he wanted. His first shipments of supplies had arrived and were stored properly. Finally, he was ready for a trail run.

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