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Nature's Mysteries

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson
[Stardate ]


Begin Log

Stardate 20180212

I am so excited to be here. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the soil. I’ve heard about the special fungus that grows here I can’t wait to explore more. I am also very curious about the insect life needed to create such a fungus. What makes them so special and what do they add to the ecosystem.
After I dropped off my gear in my cottage, I went into the backyard with some sample containers and tools and started to gather specimens of everything I could find that I wasn’t familiar with. There is an unusual grub that I’m curious about. And the pollen in the rather striking orange and blue flower is unusually heavy. The scent of the orange and blue flower isn’t as pleasing as that of the tiny yellow flowers that hide in the ground cover. I wonder why the scent is so variable in these two species of flower. The native pollinators seem to prefer the orange and blue flowers rather than the yellow ones; yet another curious difference. I love the mysteries of nature.
I decided to go into town for dinner. I’m not much a cook, though I can keep myself alive if I have to. I’m curious about the new Café opening up. But it isn’t open yet, so I will have to come back. At least there is the commissary for a quick sandwich and lemonade. It should be fun getting to know those here as well as solving the many mysteries.

End Log

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