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Passing Time

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign Patricia Yancy
[Stardate ]


Stardate: 20180212

So I arrived at my new posting today. I was greeted with a padd showing me my quarters in the junior officer building. It was okay, nothing too personal but everything useful. I will have to update some of the tools, but I’m not a fru fru type of person. I filled the closet with my uniforms and work clothing, made the bed with standard issue bedding and set my personal preferences into the replicator and computer. I wanted to get started in engineering, but the duty roster didn’t have me on the schedule until tomorrow so I don’t have the needed clearance to get into the building. I am dying to get started. Grrrrr…… well, maybe I can make something to keep busy.
I found a couple of nice pieces of native wood and started to carve the necessary pieces to make a clock. Following how my dad taught me to whittle, I created wild life motif I wanted on the outside.    This would be made in the traditional way, not the newfangled way. But I don’t think many would appreciate the difference. After a couple of hours, I had the façade I was going for and set it aside for lunch. A whole day, wasted, but at least I would have a clock when I was done. I hoped I could get it finished before bedtime, but it would probably take a week to get all the inner workings done just right.
Lunch was simple a tomato basil soup with a bacon and tomato grilled cheese sandwich. I know, it isn’t traditional but it tastes good, so I’ll make what I want. As I slurped the soup and crunched the sandwich, I thought about what I needed to finish my clock. Washing up the kitchen, I got back to work until dinner time.
So now I had to carve each gear and measure it against the other gears to make sure they would fit and spin as they should. The tiny teeth had to be carefully crafted with smooth grooves. Any sliver or rough spot would throw the time off or make it so the chimes wouldn’t sound right. It took until dinner to finish about half of the gears I would need. I carefully put away the components until my next day off. It would be fun to finish and maybe send to Dad. He would be so happy with what I’ve done. Well, time for dinner and some shut eye.

Yancy out

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