[WARNING: Wide character in print at board.cgi line 1355. ] Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net: Friendly Concern. PL by Ens Lukas Behr and Ens S. Jane Vasari
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Friendly Concern. PL by Ens Lukas Behr and Ens S. Jane Vasari

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign Lukas Behr & Doctor S. Vasari
[Stardate ]


( This log takes place prior to Left Behind and Four Hour Tour. )

She had long removed the black and grey uniform jacket and draped it over the foot of Lukas’ bed, leaving her in the sleeveless blue medical tanktop and her uniform slacks. Her weight caused the slight dip to the edge of his mattress. He was warm under her palms, his own red undershirt removed so that her fingers wouldn’t cause the fabric to rub uncomfortably against his skin. Despite his soft grumbling, she had used her lotion to aid in the attempt to massage the tightness from his lower back. The air was laced with the fruity and floral scent that was intrinsically Jane Vasari, the fragrance laced in her lotions and often subtly spritzed on her neck and wrists daily. After a near decade of use, the aroma was ingrained to her natural musk.

The minutes passed in silence as her slender fingers worked the tangled knots of his muscles. Firm and gentle pressure was applied to his body in small circles as she kneaded at his flesh. Her touch was confident, the press of her fingers and palm purposeful and encouraging. There was a smoothness to how she shifted along the corded muscles, full strokes gliding over his back. Every time his muscle tightened to protest her attempt, she simply eased the pressure to ease her way under the knot. Jane was devoted in her presence, her attention attuned to how his body reacted under her fingers. Her fingertips dared to trace a pointed edge of the ink that graced his skin before her hand flattened on the small of his back. She spoke softly as to not disrupt the calm that had moved through him. “Rest as long as you can before you get back to duty,” she whispered.

His eyes had closed with the calming sensations that moved through him. Jane’s fingers were adept and they easily lulled him into a comfortable state of near sleep. Lukas groaned softly in response and he tilted his chin slightly to look over his shoulder at the medical officer. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth though it was short lived. His features twitched as the heel of her palm found a tender muscle and he grunted quietly with the twinge of pain. Ice blue eyes shifted to the chronometer and he sighed. “Ten minutes. You can keep your hands on me for ten more minutes.” He all but growled as he spoke. His baritone dipped low in his state of relaxation and it enhanced the rasp of his vocal chords.

A shiver ran through her and she blushed slightly. She would have happily surrounded herself with his alluring voice. Her chin turned to the chronometer as her palms moved in soothing circles over the tender knot. There would be no time to ease away the ache completely. “I wish I could, but I’ve got to get ready for the away team.” Her touch ran along his spine until her fingers disappeared into the soft strands of his hair. Her nails scratched at his scalp before she finally pulled away. “Maybe when I get back if it hasn’t gotten better by then. If that muscle pull isn’t gone by morning, we may need to take a better look at it in Sickbay.” She was sure to avoid the top of the bunk as she pushed to her feet. Her arms stretched high above her head and her back arched ever so slight as she pulled to a gentle stretch.

The German officer groaned again as electricity traveled his spine. He absolutely loved when Jane ran her fingernails over his scalp. The sensation always seemed to pinch at his core immediately. He was silently glad that he was laying on his stomach at the moment. Lukas sighed heavily and waited several moments before pulling his arms underneath him to push up slightly on the bed. His head turned to watch the medical officer and he quietly appreciated the way her stretch accentuated the curves of her body. Her reminder of their upcoming mission had him frowning deeply. They were going to be heading off into hostile territory without any form of support other than each other. His protectiveness flared and he grunted when he shook his head. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and carefully sat up. “Thank you,” he murmured. He knew he would be taking her up on her offer after they returned, but there was a big question about when that would even be.

She leaned to one side and grabbed her uniform jacket, easily sliding it over her arms and shoulders. “Qualunque cosa per il mio bambino preferito (Anything for my favourite baby),” she replied with a soft laugh. Hands pulled the long strands of her hair from beneath the fabric before she zipped the jacket closed.

“Ich bin kein ‘Bambino.’ (I’m not a ‘bambino.’)” His retort was playful and saucy. Lukas pushed to his feet tenderly to test the range of motion in his back. He knew it would be fine but he enjoyed making Jane believe she needed to revisit her massage. Once he was straight, he offered her a small smile and then reached for the red tank top that he wore underneath his uniform. “I’ll walk you to the shuttlebay.” His movements were cautious as he pulled the shirt on.

The Italian woman chuckled softly. “You really should rest. I’m a grown woman. I can walk myself to the shuttle.” Her hands gathered her long hair to pull it up into a neat bun. It never ceased to amaze her how he chose to be around her more often than not. She had to wonder if perhaps the German needed to make more friends.

“I’ve already been gone from the bridge too long. No other operations officers on board.” He tucked the shirt into his pants without undoing the belt and tugged at the fabric of the tank top to straighten it. Lukas took a step to the end of the bunk where his uniform jacket draped over the edge of the bed. He picked it up and slid it over his shoulders. “You’re going in there without us in orbit, so I have to get on Engineering to get us some more power to the engines.” He looked down to watch as he fastened the zipper and then pulled it up his torso. His chin lifted to focus on Jane as the collar became tight at his neck. The single pip remained affixed in place.

She turned watched as he prepared himself for duty. Slow steps carried her the small distance between them and her hands brushed over his shoulders to pick at the invisible threads. “You’re going to tinker with the engines?” she teased, her brow raising ever so slightly.

His scoff was short. He shook his head and raised his hand to gently brush a strand of hair off her shoulder. “No, I’m going to bug the bums in engineering to work harder.”

“That sounds like a horrible idea.” The medical officer added some much needed distance when she’d almost lifted her heels to kiss him on the cheek. Like they were a couple. ‘Sto diventando troppo familiare.’    

“Well, going to a hostile planet without support also sounds like a horrible idea.” He’d almost failed to retort when he noted the sway in her body, first toward him, then away as she stepped back. “But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, and I need to do what I can to get closer in order to be there for you- all.” Lukas had been ready to meet her halfway, but he kept still when she moved away from him.

“Oh, we’ll be fine. Do you know how rare it is for a mission to go awry?” She waved her hand dismissively in the air as she made her way towards the exit. “Besides, the captain wouldn’t knowingly put us in danger.” She crossed the threshold and turned towards the medical bay.

The operations officer followed, his hands smoothing over his uniform as they walked. “Well, the captain shouldn’t be going as it is. Protocol.” He shook his head and grumbled quietly to himself. His longer strides allowed him to easily catch up to the Italian as they walked the corridor. He wondered briefly why she was headed away from the shuttlebay, then figured she might be stopping at Sickbay to pick up a kit. His body tensed as they got ever closer to the time of departure. “Ich wäre nur lieber da um auf dich aufzupassen. (I would prefer to be there to watch over you.)” His hands slid into his pockets to keep from reaching for her hand.

Her hand lifted to wave at the nurse when they entered the medical department and she made her way to the shelf that contained the standard away team medical kit. Slender fingers pulled at one case and she opened it up on the tabletop to examine the contents. “You can ‘Ich ware nur lieber’ all you want, but you’re just gonna need to suck it up. We’re bottom of the rung, Lukas. We do what we’re told.” There was a thoughtful hum as she reached for a few extra vials of medication to add to the standard kit and a second hypospray. She reached for one of the tricorders and slipped it into her pocket before pushing into motion to make her way to the shuttlebay.

He whined softly, the sound stuck in his throat as concern was etched on his features. His affection for Jane had never waned and the protectiveness that made him an ideal security officer flared when he’d discovered that they would be assigned to Phoenix together. Lukas walked beside the medical officer, his hands still in his pockets as his back continued to tense. It was moments like these that he questioned his decision to join Starfleet. The outpost was supposed to be a cake assignment. His eyes lifted briefly to the ceiling and he shook his head. “Ich muss es nicht mögen, (It doesn’t mean I have to like it.)” he muttered under his breath.

“‘Ick musey en nict moogen,’” she repeated teasingly, her smooth Italian accent butchering the harsher tones of his German. The kit swung slightly with each of her steps, her pace and posture telling of her she was not concerned about meeting the Koans. “Sei così adorabile quando sei scontroso, grande bambino (You’re so adorable when you’re grumpy, you big baby),” she offered brightly, her hip swaying slightly to one side to push at his thigh.

The corner of his lip turned down in a brief frown. ‘Man konnte nie sagen wann ich es ernst meinte.’ Lukas shook his head and stepped closer to lightly bump her back. His hand lifted from his pocket and he reached to take her hand in his. The German stopped Jane before they reached the entrance to the shuttlebay and pulled her to the side. “It’s murgen,” he corrected her pronunciation with a small smile. She’d murdered the words horribly but he hoped to hear her laugh before letting her go into the bay.

A soft and light laugh fell from her painted lips. “Murgen,” she attempted, though she knew it still sounded wrong. With both her hands occupied - one holding the medical kit and the other in his hand - she lifted a foot and lightly tapped at his toe. “Onestamente, perché dovrei voler imparare un linguaggio così brutto? (Honestly, why would I want to learn such an ugly language?)” Jane shook her head and smiled warmly at him. “We will be fine,” she assured him gently. “You don’t have to worry so much. You’ll end up with wrinkle lines if you keep this up, and I rather like the smile creases you have.”

His smile grew to highlight the very wrinkles she spoke of and he nodded to acknowledge her. “We’ll limp along toward you as fast as we can.” Lukas paused as he considered how much to tell her. He sighed quietly and offered a bit of quick advice. “Remember, if someone grabs you, knee to the gut and run.” It was a pitiful statement, hardly worth repeating. But it was his way of showing he cared and that he wanted her to stay safe. “Bitte seien Sie vorsichtig. (Please be careful.)”

The medical officer raised a brow as she looked up at him. “You do know we have phasers now right? Besides. No one is going to grab me. Why would anyone grab me?” She chuckled and shook her head. “You’re adorable.” A warm smile remained on her features as she nodded in agreement to his reminder. “But- Knee to the gut and run.”

“Sie werden die wegnehmen sobald Sie den Planeten betreten, (They’re going to take those away as soon as you step foot on the planet.)” he whined softly. His fingers squeezed hers as he stared down at her. “Meine wunderschöne vergessene civetta. (My beautiful oblivious minx.)” Something in the way they stood and looked at each other brought him back to the glorious three months that they’d dated - or rather he thought they dated. Lukas gently pulled her arm toward him and he leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.    

Her chin turned just enough to avoid the joining of their lips and so that she could press a chaste kiss on his cheek in a traditional Italian farewell. “I’ll be fine,” she assured him softly. “Knee and run.” The words were repeated for his benefit, to let him know that she had listened. There was a beat of hesitation before she pulled away to make her way to the shuttlebay.

He followed her into the bay and stopped several meters from the shuttle. Lukas looked over the other officers and lifted his arms to fold them over his chest. Concern still lingered in his features but he tried to appear okay with the mission at hand. “I don’t like this,” he muttered again as he watched the medical officer step into the shuttle. The security officer grunted softly and turned to make his way out of the shuttlebay. His strides were long to carry him to the bridge.

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