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Afterglow. JL by Ens Tomas Mazzi and Ens Sherilyn Vocke

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Ensign Sherilyn Vocke & Ensign Tomas Mazzi
[Stardate ]


The temperature in the astrometrics lab had been lowered by nearly ten degrees.  The shift in atmosphere allowed Sherilyn to remain relatively cool despite the rise in body temperature.  Her gaze shifted briefly to Tomas as she picked up her uniform jacket from the console it had been draped over.  Their meeting had been short and passionate, and she was quite impressed.  The engineer was certainly worth another ride.  The Khadidran lifted her hands to pull her white hair back into a ponytail as she took several steps toward the door.

His head rolled from one shoulder to the next and his hands slipped into his pocket to pull out the single golden pip to pin to his collar.  He leaned back slightly to lean against the edge of the console and crossed his arms.  The passionate exertion kept him warm despite the drop in temperature.  Truth be told, he liked the cold.  His gaze moved over her form once more and he hummed softly to himself.  “I’m gonna be pretty lonely for dinner,” he mused as he raised a brow in her direction.  

Her brows raised and she turned her chin so that she could look back at him over her shoulder.  She debated with herself regarding whether or not she would accept such an invitation even if she weren’t heading out on an away mission.  Her strides halted and she turned to face him.  The argument she had in mind played out to herself.  ‘I don’t date.  I sample.  You are lucky that I’ll be coming back for more.  We didn’t have near enough time.’  Sherilyn hummed and shook her head.  “Do not mistake my interest for interest.”  She dipped her chin and resumed her path to the door.  “Enjoy dinner.”

Tomas Mazzi wasn’t entirely sure how to take her response.  He wasn’t accustomed to rejection.  He scratched at his jaw and a low chuckle rumbled through his chest.  “You’re making assumptions.”  His soothing baritone carried easily in the small space.  His fingers still tingled as the last vestiges of his senses returned to him.  “Was just thinking you’d want to get an energy boost before we attempt this again.  Say-  My quarters.  I can just kick out my roommate.”   The half-Betazoid chuckled.  “Pretty sure Chuck could use the exercise anyways.”

Her brows furrowed as she stopped again and turned to face the engineer.  She couldn’t decide if he was being truthful or insinuating that their intimacy had lacked energy.  Sherilyn raised her chin slightly.  Chuck was certainly not worth the time to explore.  “And now you’re making assumptions,” she mused in a sultry mezzo-soprano.  Her gaze lifted briefly to the chronometer and she silently cursed the ticking away of the minutes.  She would have little time to freshen up before the trip to see the Koan delegates.

The engineer pushed into motion and his heels clicked on the floor as he made his way to the Khadidran.  His hand settled on her waist and in one smooth movement Tomas pulled her from the entryway to pin her to the door.  A low rumbling growl was lost in the strands of her hair.  “Could just skip dinner and go straight to the entertainment,” he murmured warmly into her ear.  His words were accompanied with a nip.  “But, I figured we shouldn’t attempt anything fun on an empty stomach.”

She rolled her eyes to the ceiling before her eyelids fell shut.  The growl, his warm breath, and his teeth on her skin combined to send a jolt of electricity down her spine and it settled in her core.  Her hands had raised to his shoulders to push him back but her fingers curled into the fabric of his uniform instead of applying pressure.  A soft and desirous sigh slipped from her lips.  The back of her head tapped on the wall behind her.  “I’d suggest you wait for dinner, but it’s unclear how long I’ll be away.”  The promise of more time with the adept engineer was too good to pass up.

His laughter was melodic as it mingled with his warm breath.  He could swear he saw a fine haze lift.  The difference in their body temperatures had him wanting to explore just what her species could offer.  He was sure he’d never met a woman as alluring as Sherilyn Vocke and he was willing to find out just what she could do before the attraction naturally faded away.  A hand remained on one hip while the other started to drift towards her stomach.  When she attempted to push him away, he found himself forced to push his weight down.  ‘What a woman,’ he grunted to himself when he had to struggle to keep her pinned.  It took him a second longer than he would have expected and he filed away the information for use later.  “I’ll grab a snack then,” he murmured before his lips crashed into hers.  He was pleasantly surprised to find that he’d managed to steal a kiss.  The encounter from only moments ago had lacked such a luxury.

She struggled internally to justify the press of her lips to his.  It simply wasn’t something she allowed while testing men for their compatibility.  The taste of chocolate and strawberries mingled on her tongue and she found herself unwilling to pull away.  One hand caressed up his neck to hold him against her as they kissed.  Her body rolled into his without her permission.

Her mouth was significantly cooler than any other he’d tasted.  The hint of winter fresh mint settled on his tongue and had him wanting more.  It took considerable effort to pull away and he rather liked how her face was flushed.  A smug grin settled on his lips and he pull away, but not without kissing the tip of her nose.  “Direi che sei molto interessato, la mia piccola principessa di ghiaccio.  (I’d say you’re very interested, my little ice princess.)”  Italian flowed freely from his tongue and he purposely let his accent grow heavy.  He winked at her and chuckled to himself.

Once he’d relaxed, she shoved him further away and landed a harsh slap on his cheek.  The fury in her eyes was muted, overwhelmed by lust.  Sherilyn tore her gaze away from his dazzling blue eyes and she hissed as she whirled to storm out of the astrometrics lab.  She wasn’t sure if she was upset that he had dared to kiss her or that she had succumbed so easily to the desire he inspired.

His hand came up to settle on his cheek and he watched the sway of her hips as walked away from him.  “Dinner when you get back?  I make a mean replicator meal,” he called out to the Khadidran.  His tone was bright and cheerful, as if he hadn’t just been struck for crossing the boundaries of acceptable decorum.

She failed to answer as she continued to berate herself.  Her strides lengthened, not to run away from him, but to carry her quickly to her quarters.  The Khadidran had little time to shower away their exertion and change into a clean uniform before needing to appear in the shuttlebay.

Tomas shrugged when she turned the corner and he straightened his uniform jacket before walking out of the astrometrics lab.  He paused a few steps beyond the entryway and quickly ran back into the room to grab his toolkit.  “I gotta find out more about her species.  Holy wow,” he laughed as he shook his head.  “Better than damn Orions.”  The engineer hurried down the hallway so he could return to the gaping hole that existed in the floor between deck two and deck three.

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