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PL- Remembering the Dark Days

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by Ensign Ekret Gavril
[Stardate ]


Ensigns Ekret Gavril Personal Log 201712.10

Begin log.

Every time I see the wounded, the men and women in need. infirm with bruises and broken limbs coming into medbay in droves. I have flash backs to that dark day... The genocidal rampage of the Dominion on Cardasia prime. It was hard not to be overwhelmed by the death and destruction the surrounded all who managed to eek their survival from the burning rubble that was the Capital city of Cardasia Prime.    

Lakat, Once a beautiful triumph of Cardasian architecture soon was nothing more then ashes and corpses with screaming victim struggling to survive in the remains of the burnt city. While I was one of the quiet ones. Using everything my parents taught me. Every single tiny medical procedure and first aid trick To make sure every one that was dying at my feet would stop dying. I can't say how many I failed to save. How many had such bad internal trauma they just passed away. All i could do was attempt to fill them with some drugs I had found to dull the pain. I even quickly ran out of what little I had. So I resorted giving them any Alcohol i could find.

But I did save a number of individuals. People who are still alive today. I still keep in contact with them and I always tell me how much I mean to them for saving them. But In truth. They mean everything to me. Saving them Kept me alive back then. It drove me to serve a purpose of healing. It drove me close to Star fleets principles and ideals. It brought me where I am today. Saving more lives be being driven even further.

End personal log.

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