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Spear to the Knee, Gash to the Thigh

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by Ensign Kajen Pix
[Stardate ]

…‹Spear to the Knee, Gash to the Thigh

(Neko, Pix, and Thyrra)

Pix beamed up with Lt. Neko in his arms. Not that he needed to, but just in case the doctors on duty did not get over to them quickly. The view changed from dark to light as they materialized in sickbay of the USS Lexington.

"Help her first!" He commanded. "She's lost a lot of blood and his unconscious."

The doctors came to her aid, separating them to different beds.

"Can you get up on the bed yourself Ensign?" He himself had a nasty knee wound suppressed by a hypo and a dash of shock. No doubt the creature inside him helped quell any sever feelings.

"Yeah, I'm just a little dizzy. Oh...ugh." The pain in his knee was largely numbed from shock and this hiss of a hypospray. He got up on the bed with his good leg, but not without struggle. He laid down and turned his head to look at them working on Neko. They peeled away his uniform top from her thigh and started to remove the pant leg around her wound. No telling what else they would remove he diverted his gaze.

Neko starts to wake up feeling weakened, "What happened?" She chuckled as this wasn't her first brush with death.

Pix answered. "You lost a lot of blood from your leg, you passed out. I tended to your wound, with my uniform."

"Thanks Pix. This isn't my first brush with death... more like my third one." She smirked thru the obvious pain. "The last time I brushed against death, I was unable to call for help.. as my combadge was tossed off my uniform," she started to remember.

The sickbay door hissed open. A blue antennaed Andorian woman walked through. "Neko? I heard something happened to you." Thyrra walked over and stood over Neko's bed.

"Pinkerton... it's only a flesh wound." She said to calm her friend.

Ensign Pix peered over, noticing something different about Thyrra.

Thyrra looked at them both. "Pinkerton? But this is Thyrra, Pin- Oh...OH," she sighed. "He's suppressed now. It's me, back from the unconscious."

Pix spoke to Thyrra. "What happened to him?"

"Don't know really," she answered without looking, "I think he's still in my head. Are you his friend?"

"I'm your friend Thyrra," Pix answered. "Don't you remember?"

"I do not. I'd remember a cutie pink skin like yourself. Seems we have some catching up to do." Thyrra turned her attention to Neko.

"They are fixing you up again, but are you testing death?" Thyrra joked. "You may not like the answer."

"They are. I guess it's true, cats have nine lives," she joked. "But no, not trying to test death, it just happens with the position of security and tactical officer"

Thyrra gave Neko a peck on the cheek. "I've been gone a while, we have some catching up to do... perhaps all three of us." She peering at the bloody and discarded uniform with one pip on it then whispered to Neko. "Is this Ensign on the up and up?"

"The Ensign saved my life Thyrra.  he's trustworthy."

"A Trill from the spots." She smiled at Pix. "Are you joined Pix."

He grimaced a bit as they worked on his injuries. "Yes, I'm the fourth host."

Thyrra grinned again. "You must have stories to tell."

Neko winces as her wound opens up again, "That's nothing, I used to serve with a Captain who joined with a tribble."

Pix looked perplexed. "A tribble?" How was that possible?"

"I really don't know, but he was joined as one," she gritted her teeth in pain.

Pix turned to Neko as his own arm was tended to along with his head. "I'm sorry I'm not a fighter like you Neko."

"Not everyone is a fighter Pix. Heck, Security and Tactical weren't even my major or minors at the academy.  I was moved from post to post, then finally I ended up as security and tactical and haven't been reposted."

Pix chuckled then winced from his head injury. "I'm just a planetary biosphere scientist." He reached across the breach for Neko's hand, but the gap was too far. Neko used her free hand to try to reach his hand.

Thyrra moved between them. "I think I can help in his moment." She takes each of their hands and holds them both. "Now just how long are we going to hold hands?" Thyrra laughed and almost sounded giddy. Neko fought to stay awake to not worry Pix.

"Since I'm the healthiest one here I'll make sure we drink to life after this is all over. Drinks on me." Thyrra said as she let go of their hands.

"I don't drink." Neko stated flatly.

The Andorian laughed. "Oh yes, our designated shuttle driver at every party." She turned to Pix. "Oh, does the little one drink?" Thyrra poked at his belly.

Pix nodded. "She drinks, that much I am certain."

"A she?" The andorian said with a wink. "How kink-."

Thyrra's communication badge chirped. "Petty Officer Thyrra to the bridge.".

"Bah, I have to go. I'll see you two later." Thyrra walked out of sickbay, making sure Pix watched her go.

"Thyrra is teasing me." Pix went. He turned to Neko. "You don't look too good. Your eyes."

"I am in a lot of pain. I am fighting to stay awake to not worry you. I owe my life to you Pix."

"You are worrying me not sleeping." His own eyes were getting heavy. "What if we both sleep?"

Neko nods, "We can do that.  Doctor how serious are our wounds?"

The doctor spoke without looking away from his work. "You are both out of the woods, especially you Lt. Neko. Both of you will stay here overnight. Pix took a knock to the head and a puncture to his knee. Neko a gash on her thigh."

Neko leans back tired as heck.

The doctor looked over her. "This should help you sleep." He applied a hypo to her neck.

Neko goes to sleep looking at Pix

Before Pix could ask he heard a hypo on his neck and he too falls asleep.


The sickbay of the Lexington hummed in relative silence as two officers lay sleeping on respective biobeds. Their injuries were healed, but they were still healing. He from head and knee, her from the thigh. With sheets covering them both one could not tell the recent pains both endured. He started to toss on the bed, his eyes moving in rapid twitches. Something traveled through his knee. It pierced skin, muscle, and bone.


And over.

Neko winced as her red blood was being replaced, 'That hurts...' she thinks to herself.

"Ahh!" Pix shouted, loud, but waking no one. He sat up in a panic of sweat and fear. The pain was in his mind, again, but his knee only felt a dull sensation from the medication. He held his head in his hand as the feelings waned.

He looked over to Lt. Neko. "Ugh, did I wake you?" He asked not knowing if she was awake as he.

Neko opened her eyes, "not you Pix, its the transfusion I am enduring...I didn't think I lost THAT much blood."

"They did not tell me much of your condition. Just to rest." He closed his eyes.

"Tell them to stop the transfusion, it's too painful!" She tries to pull out the wires as she didn't want to have more pain. The machine beside her started to beep in panic.

"Doctor! Neko needs attention." From around the corner one of the staff came running.

"Make the pain stop!!!!!!!" she cried as the wires didn't come out.

"Oh don't do that." The nurse said calmly. "Let me check to see if the transfusion is complete."

"Hurry doctor, it hurts," she pleaded.

She typed commands into the biobed's screen. "Uh huh....Mmm."

She patted Neko's arm. "I have stopped the transfusion. Glad a door was close by, but we could have processed it on our own."

"Processed what? And why did it hurt like fire?"

"Well, the blood type was the same, but we had to process it a bit for trans-species transfusion."

"And the fire?" She asked again

"There was little time to wait for a more refined solution. The pain you are feeling is the drug used to allow the blood from the donor to work in you. How are you now since we stopped?"

"Your donor is not a typical humanoid for transfusion," she stated, looking at Pix.

"Pix...why?" Neko felt the fire fade away as if it ran out of fuel.

Pix answered. "There was no time. They did not have to take so much, the processor did most of the work. I'm a universal donor, unless you are Vulcan and the like."

"I am half Vulcan"

"The fire? Probably something from my symbiote. They had a lot to counteract, so I was told. News to be I could donate, believe me. Luckily not fully, but it was enough to help." Pix looked at the attending doctor.

"Doctor, I feel woozy."

The doctor rolled her eyes. He proved to be a bit of a lightweight when it can to this procedure. "I'll give you something," she said, and before he could protest the hiss of the hypospray filled him with a compound to relax.

Neko relaxed a little, "how much did I lose this time?"

The doctor turned to answer. "About six units."


"You will be fine, both of you."

Neko reached to PIx again. "I owe my life to you."

He waved her off. "I am owed no payment Lieutenant. Repayment is simply to live your life. I just wish to not experience that spear to the knee again."

"Oh I have experienced worse," she said with a raised brow.

"So I've gathered, but Pix's previous hosts had some tales to tell. Try remembering dying three times."

"Haven't done that."

"The last one was stressful, but I think she likes you, but sometimes I can't tell. I get my feelings mixed in with her's," Pix explained.

"I am with Mr. Daniel Connor..."

"No, no, that's not what I meant, in a platonic sense Neko." He started to laugh, but that was not good for the swirling in his head."

She grinned as she laid down, "Maybe we should try to rest."

"Yes, it's been a rough day and it will be a while before I can have that drink, with or without effects." She rested motionless for some moments. After a time she spoke again.

"You didn't have to give me the transfusion Pix."

The trill smiled. "No, I did not have to, but I did anyway."

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