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Masterson Personal Log SD: 201710.21

Outpost Phoenix: Personal Com-Net

by Lieutenant Commander Noah Masterson
[Stardate ]


Executive Officer's Personal Log
SD 201710.21

Noah turned his back to the sun and looked down the silver ribbon that was the river in the late afternoon sun. This was the ideal spot for the dive shack. To his left, the river had bypassed a small strip of land for some reason. This had the pleasant side effect of creating a sheltered area just in front of where he stood. The water here wasn't stagnant but it wasn't a swirling, snarling mess that the main body of the river was. It was however, deep. The underwater topography was such that the bank sloped gently for about 2 meters and then dropped off suddenly to a depth of about 9 meters. To Noah's right, the riverbank gently rose up to meet there or four hectares of rolling grasslands. The grasslands themselves gave way to thickets of a local scrub tree and then larger, wood-bearing forests.
Yes, this was the place. The pier would be protected from the current but would the dive shack be set back too far from the waters' edge?
Noah walked over to another vantage point, this one closer to the point where the bank met the grasslands.
"If I put the pier there," Noah said aloud, pointing to a spot on the river's edge, "I could put the shack there," he finished, turning so that he was pointing at a spot that was equidistant to the pier spot and the slope of the bank.
He nodded to himself, satisfied with his choice. He pulled the miniPADD from the backpack slung over one shoulder and made some annotations on a map. He was almost finished when his comm badge chirped.
Although he was off duty for the next 36 hours, he kept the badge pinned to the strap of his sling pack just in case.
"Guptha to Masterson," Lieutenant Guptha's familiar voice said from the tiny speaker in the device. Noah chuckled and reached up to tap the badge.
"Go ahead, Guptha," Noah said with a smile. He knew this would be important; Guptha had served under him for quite awhile now and was the sort-of-Assistant-Chief-of-Operations. She never bothered him unless she needed to.
"Sorry, Chief. I know you're surveying for the Dive Shack, but the CO wants you back for a mission briefing. Seems there's an exploratory/ survey mission in the works," Guptha explained apologetically.
"Understood, Guptha. Let Captain Arzie I'm on my way back now. I have to strike camp first but I'll be back at OPX within the hour," Noah explained. He listened to Guptha repeat his instructions and then tapped the channel closed.
Noah turned from the river and headed to the point where the bank rose up to meet the grasslands. He took a large step up the bank and head to his camp. True to his word, he had struck camp and was heading back to OPX on his ground-cycle within about 20 minutes of closing the channel. But the further he got from the river, the more his mind rebelled and continued to recall details of the area.
Pulling into the outpost, Noah realized he had about 10 minutes remaining and hustled to his quarters for a shower and fresh uniform. It was in the shower that he put the question to rest: the pier would, in fact, be placed in the spot that he had envisioned. Having made the decision, Noah stepped out of the shower and focused on the matter at hand.

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