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Personal Log - Arzie, Kaveh - Stardate: 201708.07

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by Captain Kaveh Arzie, Ensign Vasari
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Personal Log
Captain Kaveh Arzie
Outpost Phoenix
Stardate 201708.07

-=Begin Log=-

The aged Vulcan Skothon-Tor Class surveyour piloted by Captain Kaveh Arzie meandered back towards Tahnna’Whanna IV at a respectable Warp 7. At his present speed, he expected to be touching down at his homestead in about fifteen days. The Breen Bleth Chaos-Class ship that he and Biexmal-Qofol had discovered fetched them both a tidy sum. Arzie’s own share of the salvage covered about three-quarters of what he had paid for this ship. Of course, before the duo sold it, Arzie had integrated some of the Breen’s equipment and parts into his own vessel. A polarized parabolic deflector and a dielectric oscillation shield grid now supplemented his ship, as well as a set of bio-molecular disruptor cannons and a fairly copious library that he’s be interested in looking though once he was able to run it through a proper translation matrix.

The still unnamed ship cruised* through the near-empty void between Daskia Prime and the Tahnna’Whanna System. The worst part about it for Arzie was that emptiness; the distance between stars grew the closer one was to the Rim. He did his best to occupy his time, meanwhile. As he lay in a hammock stretched across one of the bunk areas, swaying to the gentle vibrations of the small craft’s inertial dampeners, Arzie scrolled through reports from Outpost Phoenix and thought about how full his time at Daskia had been. In addition to buying a new ship, meeting up with an old friend, and serendipitously salvaging another ship, his last day on Daskia Prime had had no small excitement either.


She sat quietly on the stone bench. She had settled on the empty seat on the path through the manicured grounds with the intention of enjoying the heat of the sun and cool summer breeze, but her plans were interrupted by a shadow. Jane blinked, dark amber irises adjusting to sudden lack of light. The stranger’s face was hidden, the sun creating a halo behind the silhouette that hovered close. The large pair of ears and the dip on the crown of his head was enough to tell her that a Ferengi had chosen to intrude on her quiet moment.    

“Pretty hoo-man, you are worth all the latinum I own.”

The medical officer sighed quietly as she straightened in her seat. Slender fingers brushed back the dark strands of her straight hair. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she attempted to see the details of his face. “Not interested,” Jane murmured gruffly. She pushed to her feet, smoothing out the cream floral romper that clothed her. Suddenly, she wished she was wearing her uniform. Long legs and bare arms on display for a Ferengi made her skin crawl. Grabbing her PADD, she began walking away from her would-be-suitor.

“I am Daimon Orak of the merchant ship, Tezazel.” The Ferengi followed quickly after Jane, his shorter legs quick as he matched her longer strides. “Perhaps I can tell you of what I can offer over dinner-”

“Not interested,” she repeated. Her normally sultry contralto voice had turned sharp, irritation sitting at the very tip of her tongue. Jane could see him in her peripherals. He was nearly a head shorter than her, sporting the characteristics of his species - pointy teeth, a flattened nose, and an orange hue to his complexion. She was certain there were some women on Earth and in the known universe who thought Ferengis were handsome or beautiful, but she certainly wasn’t one of them. It was the ears. She couldn’t get past the ears. The medical officer registered some sort of speech, some stubborn claim that he needed a beauty by his side for his business ventures, but all she could see were random people staring. Embarrassment made her flush red, normally fair olive skin turning warm as she suddenly found herself walking around the gardens with a Ferengi trailing close behind her.

He frowned when she simply ignored him. It was not something he was accustomed to experiencing. His eyes dipped to the sway of her hips, his gaze lingering on the hem of her romper as it brushed high along her legs. Feeling the need to catch her attention, Orak reached forward and grabbed a handful of the woman’s behind.

Jane stopped. She simply stopped. The doctor turned and simply stared down at Orak. “Did you- Did you just-” Her eyes widened and she clenched her hand into a fist. It sailed right into the Ferengi’s face, her knuckles connecting right with his nose.

Two dozen metres or so a bright-eyed Catullan casually dressed in a gaudy floral shirt and khaki slacks watched this scene play out with no small amount of bemusement. He cringed while barely restraining a what otherwise would have been a wide grin as the Ferengi went careening to the ground from the Human woman’s well-placed fist.

The Daimon’s ears would become the bane of Arzie’s day as soon as the Ferengi regained his senses. Picking himself off of the path, Orak turned sharply and hissed at Arzie when he heard the man’s chortle. ‘What are you laughing at, Ukrop?’ He questioned with a sneer. ‘This is a private deal between me and the Female.’

With his hands in front of him in a sham gesture of non-offense, Arzie took a half-step back ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa there pal. What you do in private is your business. But this is a public enough place that anyone can enjoy a good guffaw at you two and be about their merry business.’

She took a moment to glance at the stranger’s way before her eyes settled on the Ferengi. “Follow me, and I’ll change your anatomy with a single kick! Got it?!” She huffed, spinning quickly on the balls of her feet and storming away.    


Arzie chuckled to himself as he recalled the incident. On the one hand, he felt bad for the Ferengi. He certainly did put himself out there, which is more than some guys did. Still, daring to goose a woman he just met? That was bold, even for him.

As the tiny ship puttered towards Tahnna’Whanna IV, Arzie went back to his reports. It sounded as though there had been no small excitement while he was away. After reading the crew’s debriefing of the Action at Chandra II, he turned to a log from a freighter captain who stopped over at the Outpost. A region of space 10 light-years away from the Outpost with no stars. The locals called it ‘The Barrens.’ It was his intention to take a dip into this region and take a look into it.

Fifteen more days. . .

-=End Log=-
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