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Personal Log - Arzie, Kaveh - Stardate: Supplemental

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by Captain Kaveh Arzie
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Personal Log
Captain Kaveh Arzie
Outpost Phoenix
Stardate: Supplemental

-=Begin Log=-

Arzie and Biexmal-Qofol swam for several kilometres before discovering the source of the pulsing. A starship of some kind was wrecked along a ridge, precariously close to the edge of a trench of considerable depth.

Waving his pressure suit’s forearm around, Arzie was able to scan it. ‘It looks as though this ship has been here for about two decades and the reactor is collapsing.’ He noted. ‘It’s probably not very safe for us to be here.’

‘Maybe not.’ Biexmal-Qofol agreed. ‘However, if that ship goes off, the area around here will be contaminated for thousands of kilometres.’

Arzie let out a sigh, and nodded. ‘You’re right. No way we’ll be able to get a tractor beam on it, I’ll bet. Let’s see if there’s a way in.’

The pair sped towards the ship. There were multiple breaches along the hull, and they moved along until they found one closest to the reactor core. Penetrating the hull, they navigated the narrow corridor of the small ship. Arzie was impressed. For twenty years beneath the water, the consoles were still online and functional. It was a shorter job killing the reactors than either of them thought.

Through his face plate, Arzie saw Biexmal-Qofol grin. ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’

‘If the answer is making some of my credits back when you and I salvage this ship, I’m way ahead of you.’ Arzie replied, returning the grin. ‘But did you notice the writing on the consoles and bulkheads? This is a Breen ship.’

‘Breen?’ Biexmal-Qofol shuddered. ‘I heard they melt lifeforms into their constituent amino acids to reconstitute into their ships.’

‘I’m not sure about that, though I am curious what a Breen ship was doing out here. Relic from the war, no doubt.’ Arzie said, answering his own question. ‘I say we use my ship to tractor this baby up, now that we have more time on our hands. I’d like to download the databanks and strip some of the systems for my own ship, though, before we sell it to those shysters at Fuw’Sillo’s.’


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