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  Captain Sylax Mancuso, SD
Duty Log Captain Sylax Mancuso USS Huron SD-56908.16
Convoy Commanders Duty Log
Captain Sylax Mancuso
USS Huron NCC-37199

     We have been in route to the Myce System, i
wished it could have been faster but these lumbering
colony ships only travel at warp 4, i feel defenseless
and vulnerable. half way from the Andor Depository we
were joined by the USS Holly Farms NCC 325400 its a
live food stuffs and supply tender. its slow going
but by tomorrow the convoy should be in comunicatinons
range for visual contact.. by day after tomorrow we
should be arriving at the Myce Sector to commence the
boarding of the refugees.

     i have done a personal inspection of all the
ships and was impressed by the good conditions they
are in for ships that bare over 50 years old. they are
Spartan in their layout but all systems are functional
and the crews manning them are all experinced. i just
hope all goes as planned...this is not an easy
endevore to partake.    

End Log.

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