Outpost Phoenix Mission Brief
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Pre-Simulation Startup- Mission Brief SD 0308.10
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Part 1


 Starfleet has Issued a Class One Alert and Full System Evacuation Order for all Federation Personnel posted to the Myce Sector.  that means Us People... we need to start shutting down all none essential areas and get all Starfleet personnel their families and belongings packed and ready to go the moment the transports get here.

Out Ambassador has been in constant communication with the Regent of the Myceians and their governmental leaders but some seem totally non responsive to the catastrophe that looms in the near future.  meanwhile the people on the street is terrified of the outcome of their fate.  Finally we have an under ground militant group that want us out of the planet but not necessarily on a ship... so keep eyes and ears open you life might depend on it.


Commander Savage who is acting CO of the UUS Federation and myself want to ask both the crews to share the time slot for a few weeks and see how this works out... one thing is certain.. those of you that can drift down to 830eastern can work the sim for 2 hours... that can help in your simming skills for those of you that are new... if you cant that Ok too its just a suggestion and only on a volunteer basis. I will be here at 1030eastern and we will have another pre- startup simulation.  all right crewbies... lets do it!



Captain Daniel Mancuso

Commanding Officer Outpost Phoenix.


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