Outpost Phoenix Mission Brief
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Mission Brief SD-57009.7 - Lightship USS Cape Hatteras
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 We are approaching the Lightship USS Cape Hatteras.  this is the Federation's last manned Outpost in this part of the Federation Held Territory.  we will stops here and get some supplies and get ready for the long trip into deep space.  all of the ships have fared well and we picked up some personnel when we skirted by sector 001 on our way here. 
    we are still getting our crew settle into their post and mission programs.  for the moment we are all housed on the USS Huron but can move freely through out all the convoy ships if needed.
for a complete list of the convoy ships they are on the boards.
we are at green status and will be coming out of warp when we begin the sim.
Captain Mancuso.
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