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  Commodore Kaveh Arzie, SD
Captain's Log - Stardate: 201902.17

Arzie watched from one of the observation platforms of Mim-502, the Proteus-Class anchorage that orbited Tahnna’Whanna IV above Outpost Phoenix, as Lothlorien continued her repairs.     They had come a long way over the past five months. Command had seen fit to assign her permanently to Outpost Phoenix. With the assignment of another ship to the Outpost came a promotion to Commodore.    

It had taken seven weeks to get the major hull breaches and impulse systems repaired to the point that Lothlorien could power herself through the Einstein-Rosen Device, which had taken on the moniker ‘Spatial Conduit’ by the Engineering and Science teams at the Outpost.    

During that time, peaceable enough messages were being exchanged between the Katery League and the Outpost. They had been a little taciturn, but slowly they were opening up and providing more information. Four races were living in relative peace in some sort of caste system under some sort of caste system led by the Katery. No one had yet seen a Katery, as apparently video communication was non-functional in the Maskawk, but Arzie was looking forward to when they could make an official First Contact.

Meanwhile, he would wait for the new warp core to arrive for Lothlorien. She still needed a lot more work before they could take her out – Commander Masterson estimated another six to eight weeks before she’d leave the system – but getting the warp core installed felt like such a big step for her repairs.

Speaking of ‘hers,’ there was VERONICA. The Virtual Emotive Responsive Operations and Navigation Interface Computational Algorithm hadn’t been sapient when Lothlorien was lost, but somehow achieved sapience during its. . . her. . . time in the Maskawk. He and Commander Masterson had agreed that uploading her to the Outpost cloud would be the most fair to her. Keeping a back up copy of her where she could interact with people would do her good. Also, as Noah had pointed out, they were lacking a Chief of Operations since Lieutenant Behr’s transfer and subsequent death. VERONICA was an Operations program, and the move couldn’t hurt OPX unless she kept playing that archaic music over the intercom at all hours.

‘Operations to Commodore Arzie.’ His comm badge piped up as he watched the construction.    

‘Go ahead.’ He replied, tapping it.

‘There’s a distress call coming in from Grid XY. Sounds like a Bolian freighter has had a run in with some hostiles.’

Heaving a heavy sigh, the Commodore nodded to himself. ‘Understood.’ He said into the comm badge. ‘Have Commander Masterson launch Lexington immediately. I’ll take a shuttlepod from here and meet him aboard.’

‘Aye sir. Ops out.’

Cracking his neck, Arzie stepped away from the window and hustled briskly to the shuttlebay.
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