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  Commodore Kaveh Arzie, SD
[OPX] Sim Log - Stardate: 201801.06
Guild: Outpost Phoenix
Channel: synchronous-orbit
Topic: SynchOrb is the official In Character Sim Room for OPX. All official sims happen Sunday nights at 22.00 EST.
Range: 06-Jan-19 12:00 AM -> 07-Jan-19 12:00 AM

[06-Jan-19 08:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
::flicks on the lights::

[06-Jan-19 08:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
Happy Christmas, OPXers.

[06-Jan-19 08:54 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::straightens her uniform::

[06-Jan-19 08:56 PM] Knomik#9743

[06-Jan-19 08:57 PM] anniesatin#9688
*tumbles out of bed throwing on her uniform*

[06-Jan-19 09:01 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:01 PM] USFArzie#5901
Happy Christmas, OPX.

[06-Jan-19 09:02 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Happy Christmas!

[06-Jan-19 09:02 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
And happy New Year

[06-Jan-19 09:03 PM] USFArzie#5901
How has everyone been doing?

[06-Jan-19 09:04 PM] Knomik#9743
Doing fine

[06-Jan-19 09:05 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Pretty well - dentist visit is out of the way for another half year...

[06-Jan-19 09:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
Lucky you. I've got one in a month. -_-

[06-Jan-19 09:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
::check chronometer:: Well. . . it looks abut time to light this candle.

[06-Jan-19 09:06 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:06 PM] Leigh#5634

[06-Jan-19 09:06 PM] anniesatin#9688

[06-Jan-19 09:06 PM] ShadowWind#1043

[06-Jan-19 09:06 PM] ForgottenPath#9311

[06-Jan-19 09:07 PM] Knomik#9743

[06-Jan-19 09:07 PM] USFArzie#5901
One Administrivia Item this week. Unless Commander Masterson is able to pop in, Free Sim on the 20 January. My youngest is getting Baptized, and with all the shindigging that'll be going on that night, I will not be able to attend.

[06-Jan-19 09:09 PM] USFArzie#5901
Everyone had a chance to read the Briefings, yes?

[06-Jan-19 09:09 PM] ForgottenPath#9311

[06-Jan-19 09:09 PM] anniesatin#9688

[06-Jan-19 09:10 PM] ShadowWind#1043
aye sair

[06-Jan-19 09:11 PM] USFArzie#5901
As a reminder for places: Dr. Reese & the Macardry Brothers are having seizures in Sickbay. Ensign Ocano is with them. Everyone else is with me at the Airlock welcoming our guests.

[06-Jan-19 09:11 PM] USFArzie#5901
Questions, comments, etc.?

[06-Jan-19 09:11 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra and Pix are somewhere

[06-Jan-19 09:11 PM] anniesatin#9688
no Sir

[06-Jan-19 09:12 PM] USFArzie#5901
Thyrra and Pix are at the Airlock.

[06-Jan-19 09:13 PM] ShadowWind#1043
Commodore sorry but my asthma's acting up I need to go get a treatment I'll be back if I can

[06-Jan-19 09:13 PM] USFArzie#5901
::nods:: Good luck! Prayers!

[06-Jan-19 09:13 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
[Ah, I'm so sorry.]

[06-Jan-19 09:14 PM] ShadowWind#1043

[06-Jan-19 09:14 PM] USFArzie#5901
Any other questions before we get a move on?

[06-Jan-19 09:14 PM] anniesatin#9688

[06-Jan-19 09:15 PM] ForgottenPath#9311

[06-Jan-19 09:17 PM] USFArzie#5901
Alrighty-roo! Let's do this!

[06-Jan-19 09:17 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:18 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:18 PM] Leigh#5634
What the hell? : looks around and is no longer on the ship. In the distance she hears a loud, deep rumbling and see the trees moving like stalks in a field:

[06-Jan-19 09:19 PM] Leigh#5634
:Looks around for the dair bros but doesn't see them:

[06-Jan-19 09:19 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::stands by the body of Dr. Reese, watching the monitors record a slower and slower pulse:: I wish I had paid more attention to first aid classes...

[06-Jan-19 09:19 PM] USFArzie#5901
::smiles:: Greetings. Welcome to the Federation starship Lexington. I'm Captain Kaveh Arzie.

[06-Jan-19 09:19 PM] Knomik#9743
:: Pix and Thyrra stand side-by-side ::

[06-Jan-19 09:20 PM] anniesatin#9688
::Stands to the right just behind the captain and watches the humanoids.::

[06-Jan-19 09:20 PM] Leigh#5634
That can't be good. : quickly looks for a place to take cover: I have to get out of sight

[06-Jan-19 09:20 PM] Knomik#9743
:: Thyrra's antenna twitch about ::

[06-Jan-19 09:21 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOIDS >> ::Look at each other, then at the Reception Committee, then at each other again.

[06-Jan-19 09:23 PM] Leigh#5634
:scrambles up a rocky mound just as a dinosaur like creature emerges from the forest. Takes cover in a small crevice under an overhanging rock: Cozy. Where the hell is everyone else? Those visitors must be up to something and sent us here.

[06-Jan-19 09:23 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::sees the nurses dealing with the MacArdrys:: Should I help? Should I be doing that for Dr. Reese?

[06-Jan-19 09:24 PM] USFArzie#5901
::looks at Pix and Thyrra, then T'mara; eyebrow quirked::

[06-Jan-19 09:24 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::a hassled nurse turns to her and tells her to wash up and put on gloves first, which Ocano does::

[06-Jan-19 09:24 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> :: extends her hand :: Hello?

[06-Jan-19 09:24 PM] Leigh#5634
:pats her side: Damn nothing. The one time I want a phaser I don't have one. Like the damn borg zombies all over again.

[06-Jan-19 09:25 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOIDS >> ::bend down and examine Thyrra's hand::

[06-Jan-19 09:26 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> :: Wonders what she is doing, or it is Elliot... it's him doing thie ::

[06-Jan-19 09:26 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> Ah, it's just a hand...a blue hand.

[06-Jan-19 09:26 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Now what? ::tries using a medical scanner, but is rebuked by the same nurse, who tells her to ask the computer for directions::

[06-Jan-19 09:27 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOIDS >> ::Look at each other again, then at the group:: HUMANOIDS >> ::In the softest of voices:: You do not process thoughts, do you?

[06-Jan-19 09:28 PM] USFArzie#5901
::cocks his head:: Some of us do. The ones that do among us. . . seem. . . to not. . . be here?

[06-Jan-19 09:28 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> :: points to herself :: I am of two minds, but I am not telepathic.

[06-Jan-19 09:29 PM] anniesatin#9688
::raises a brow and looks over to Arzie and then Thyrra::

[06-Jan-19 09:29 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> I'm in a similar...boat.

[06-Jan-19 09:29 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1>> A boat? Curious.

[06-Jan-19 09:29 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> It's an old human phrase

[06-Jan-19 09:30 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1 >> Is it? And it that what you are?

[06-Jan-19 09:30 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer - how can I stabilize someone who is ... ::looks at monitors:: whose pulse is slowing to 30 beats per minute and has a blood pressure level of 50 over 40?

[06-Jan-19 09:30 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> Something once said that conveys a longer meaning.

[06-Jan-19 09:30 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> I am a host to a symbiote, for the rest of my life

[06-Jan-19 09:32 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >> ::nods slowly:: You are the vessel as the Zingar are ours, then.

[06-Jan-19 09:32 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> I am the vessel?

[06-Jan-19 09:32 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1 >> ::gives #2 a quick, sharp glance::

[06-Jan-19 09:32 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> More information is needed. What species is this being, and are they receiving sufficient oxygen?

[06-Jan-19 09:33 PM] Leigh#5634
: taps her comm badge and nothing happens: It was worth a try. : the creature looks in her direction. she freezes. it sniffs the air and starts in her direction. Roar comes from the direction it just came. it stops answers and takes off back the way it came.:

[06-Jan-19 09:34 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Betazoid.... and how do I find out if they are receiving sufficient oxygen? Do they need an oxygen mask?

[06-Jan-19 09:35 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >> ::nods:: Yes. Business. HUMANOID 1 >> ::looks the group up and down with its large, unblinking lavender eyes:: You are not from the Forsaken Space, are you?

[06-Jan-19 09:35 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> Some light years away.

[06-Jan-19 09:36 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Pull the mask from the head of the bed and apply it to the patient. The mask will detect the species and supply the appropriate gas mixture for the patient.

[06-Jan-19 09:37 PM] USFArzie#5901
::looks at Pix:: Well, not originally. We have an Outpost on a planet outside this region of space. The lot of us hail from a variety of planets.

[06-Jan-19 09:37 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::fumbles with the mask, finally getting it over Dr. Reese's nose and mouth; breathes a sigh of relief as she sees one bar move into a green zone on the monitor:: Okay - computer, how do I stabilize this patient in bed 5?

[06-Jan-19 09:38 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> What makes this region forsaken?

[06-Jan-19 09:38 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >> Surely you are aware that space travel here is. . . limited.

[06-Jan-19 09:39 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> We have recently realized this.

[06-Jan-19 09:39 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> The patient in bed 5 is undergoing neural trauma which is interfering with her body's ability to regulate itself.

[06-Jan-19 09:40 PM] USFArzie#5901
Well, not so recently. We were trapped in it two years ago. The people in the neighbouring Systems call it the Maskawk.

[06-Jan-19 09:40 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Priority should be given to regulating her heartbeat and temperature in order to prevent permanent damage.

[06-Jan-19 09:40 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Okay - how do I do that?

[06-Jan-19 09:41 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> :: His symbiote distorts his sense of time so much ::

[06-Jan-19 09:41 PM] Leigh#5634
: ONce the creature is no longer heard, Brett leaves her hiding place and heads into the forest in the opposite direction of the creature:

[06-Jan-19 09:42 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >>There are. . . others. . .nearby?

[06-Jan-19 09:44 PM] Knomik#9743
Pix> Depends on what you mean by nearby, but there are those in reach with our FTL level

[06-Jan-19 09:44 PM] USFArzie#5901
::nods:: Several. There are 10 Star Systems outside of this region in this Sector.

[06-Jan-19 09:44 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Affix two pulse emitters from the storage unit next to the bed on each shoulder of the patient. Plug them in to the monitor and it will automatically detect when to regulate the pulse. Cover the patient with the blanket at the bottom of the bed, and the bed will heat itself to the appropriate temperature.

[06-Jan-19 09:45 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::begins to try this, finding the attachment of the pulse emitters to the monitor much easier than the attachment of the pulse monitors to Dr. Reese's shoulders:: Front of shoulders? Back of shoulders? Top? Where do shoulders even begin?

[06-Jan-19 09:46 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1 >> ::studies Neko and T'mara.:: How. . . did you get here?

[06-Jan-19 09:46 PM] Knomik#9743
Thyrra> :: Sees Neko ::'

[06-Jan-19 09:47 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Place them two centimeters to the front of the azimuth of the shoulder when the patient is standing.

[06-Jan-19 09:48 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
::affixes pulse emitters and watches the monitor::

[06-Jan-19 09:48 PM] anniesatin#9688
We are members of the ships crew. We serve under Captain Arzie.

[06-Jan-19 09:48 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:49 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Well, it looks like it's helping, but not enough. How can we stop whatever neural trauma is going on?

[06-Jan-19 09:49 PM] USFArzie#5901
<<OOC: This is still set months ago. I'm still a Fleet Captain until the arc is over. ;^)>>

[06-Jan-19 09:50 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1 >> ::nods:: Yes, but I mean *here*. In this space?

[06-Jan-19 09:50 PM] Leigh#5634
: takes her knife from her boot and checks the plants to identify the ones that are safe to eat. : I need to find water and shelter. It's... What the hell? Where did the forest go? I'm getting really aggrivated with these visitors.

[06-Jan-19 09:50 PM] USFArzie#5901
I think you mean through the Bridge Device?

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] anniesatin#9688

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] USFArzie#5901
<<No worries. One of my idiosyncrasies>>

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] Leigh#5634
So much for food and shelter. : touches a tall pink crystal and it emits a low hum while in contact with her hand:

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 1 >> Yes. Kadar'rial. You. . . came through it?

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Neural trauma in telepathic and empathic species can be caused by internal or external triggers. Is this externally or internally caused?

[06-Jan-19 09:51 PM] anniesatin#9688
I'm unsure of the meaning of your question.

[06-Jan-19 09:52 PM] anniesatin#9688
The Kadar'rial?

[06-Jan-19 09:52 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Ocano> ::looks over at the MacArdys, equally incapacitated:: Externally caused.

[06-Jan-19 09:53 PM] USFArzie#5901
::nods:: Hien, that's what they called it on the vessel that first approached us.

[06-Jan-19 09:53 PM] ForgottenPath#9311
Computer> Shielding using appropriate materials can reduce the amount of trauma. A lead shield is available in the storage locker at the far end of the medical supply room.

[06-Jan-19 09:53 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >> "The Bridge Between The Stars."

[06-Jan-19 09:55 PM] USFArzie#5901
So you know what it does?

[06-Jan-19 09:55 PM] anniesatin#9688
Our ship traveled on it and we came here.

[06-Jan-19 09:56 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 09:56 PM] USFArzie#5901
HUMANOID 2 >> The terminus is. . . operable?

[06-Jan-19 09:59 PM] USFArzie#5901
::nods:: Quite. It wasn't at first, but we got it working and, after sending a probe through, thought we'd take a look ourselves.

[06-Jan-19 09:59 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 10:00 PM] USFArzie#5901

[06-Jan-19 10:00 PM] ForgottenPath#9311

[06-Jan-19 10:02 PM] Leigh#5634

[06-Jan-19 10:02 PM] anniesatin#9688

[06-Jan-19 10:03 PM] USFArzie#5901
Excellent sim, everyone!

[06-Jan-19 10:04 PM] USFArzie#5901
Doctor, I love your mindscape work! Looking forward to seeing what comes of it. Ensign Ocano. . . good work trying to keep our Medical staff alive. ^_^

[06-Jan-19 10:04 PM] Knomik#9743
Lots of closeups in this episode

[06-Jan-19 10:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
I hope so! It's been a long episode! Well, arc, but still.

[06-Jan-19 10:05 PM] USFArzie#5901
We've been rolling with this arc since September. I hope I make sure you all get some time in the spotlight. :^)

[06-Jan-19 10:06 PM] USFArzie#5901
Any questions, comments, thoughts, etc. before we call it a night?

[06-Jan-19 10:08 PM] ForgottenPath#9311

[06-Jan-19 10:10 PM] USFArzie#5901
Alright then. Let's call it a week.

[06-Jan-19 10:10 PM] USFArzie#5901

Commodore Kaveh Arzie
Commanding Officer
Outpost Phoenix, Tahnna'Whanna IV