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  Ensign Phoebe Ocano, SD
Ocano - Duty Log - Interstellar Transport Device

Ensign Phoebe Ocano
Duty Log
Stardate 201809.21

Engineering Report on the use of the Interstellar Transport Device on 201809.09

After running tests on the power use, temporal stability, molecular degradation, and radiation output, we determined that the Captain's theory was likely correct: that this device is some kind of long distance transportation device.

In order to test this theory, we first sent a probe through it while it was activated - the probe was equipped with a subspace signaller that would reach us from anywhere in the quadrant. Once we determined exactly where the probe was sent, we found that the device sent it an approximate 4.3 light years away, to an area which had been deemed unexplorable because it somehow impeded warp travel, an area called the Maskawk.    

It seems probable that the species who developed this device did so in order to overcome the difficulties in travelling this area, or possibly that once they developed this means of travel, they created the Maskawk in order to prevent other races from threatening them. Either way, it's a fascinating glimpse into a very different understanding of space travel.

Once the probe had been sent, we ran several tests confirming that biological materials would be passed through the link unharmed. Bacteria that gone through and returned had an unchanged germ line at least up to 12 generations post-transport, and several mice were unchanged in appearance and behavior. It was still risky to send the Lexington through, since any damage would leave us stranded in an area almost impossible to access, but in true Federation spirit, the Captain urged us forward to explore this new zone.

The one thing that perplexes me is how the Captain is completely comfortable with this kind of transport. I know he's a physicist by training and probably understands the details better than I do, but it's a little ironic, given that he won't even use a regular transporter.
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