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  Dr. Brett Reese, SD
Reese: Mission Tahnna’Whanna IV Survey Report
When surveying Tahnna’Whanna IV I discovered a life form. It measures 8 inches from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Genetic scans show no evidence of mutation, but with no pre-crash samples I can only base my findings on comparable species from other world. The creature is similar in size to the Earth reptile call a gecko. This found creature is bright blue with 4 yellow spots on the top of the head. It appears to be a herbivore because I have provided it with vegetation and small insects, but is has only eaten the later. Scans indicate what appears to be male anatomy. He is currently living in a large terrarium in sickbay in an environment designed to mimic the temperature and terrain of Tahnna’Whanna IV. Blood test show small traces of radiation, but they pose no threat to any known lifeform.

A gelatinous substance was found near the creature, but my test revealed it is not created by the creature. Analysis shows it is organic and probably the residue of a slug-like creature or the oral discharge of another animal. There was no harmful bacteria found in the substance, but it is housed in an air-locked quarantine container until further test are done to make sure the bacteria cultures from it have time to grow.

Leigh Rachal
Dr. Brett K Reese
Medical Officer, OUTPOST PHOENIX
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