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  Lieutenant Lukas Behr, SD
Vivid Replay (DL)

Vivid Replay
SD 1805.02

I was watching the door because I thought I heard a noise in the hallway beyond.  I was wrong, of course, my imagination must have been running away with me. Lieutenant Yancy called me over to ask about a glyph that she’d noticed repeated.  I hesitated before going over, just because I didn’t want to not be the first line of defense should the door open.

Yancy and I talked for a few minutes about the frequently appearing symbol.  Then the captain called to us, asking why we were studying the symbols. I think if I hadn’t been facing him, my eyes would have rolled out of their sockets.  I couldn’t believe that he was suggesting we sit down and just wait for something to happen to us. Yancy left it alone like a good little officer, but I wasn’t going to be idle.  Arzie threw one of the pieces of fruit at me and I nearly turned that sucker into a baseball aimed at his head. I was furious. Instead, I tossed it to the doctor and decided I’d better remove myself from the situation by heading back into the bedroom to look for a panel.

As I was walking away, the door opened.  I quickly made my way back to stand in between the purple man and the others.  Dude had the audacity to ask if we were comfortable and I just shook my head. It’s the captain’s place to speak, I’d be overstepping my bounds if I said anything.  They talked for a little bit before my mouth got the better of me.

I questioned their reasons for kidnapping us.  Apparently they think we’re squatters- but the outpost has been there for years!  I asked them why the sudden interest and he couldn’t answer me. I’m really surprised the captain didn’t admonish me for speaking out of turn, so I just kept going.  Seems we’re being taken in front of a judge or something.

See, if the captain had just let me be, I might have been able to figure out the language and reroute control to the room.  I could have disabled their engines or communications, long enough that someone could catch up and - verdammt. This ship rivals a Soverign or Anshar class.  It’ll be weeks before Phoenix gets enough firepower to help.

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