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  Lieutenant Lukas Behr, SD
Trapt. SD 1804.22

SD 1804.22

“I’ve been pacing this room for an hour.  The others seem content to sit and wait. The panel at the door won’t come off, the markings are foreign and I think I’ve locked myself out trying different combinations.  I’m a bit surprised there haven’t been alarms because of it.”

He glanced over his shoulder and studied the captain, engineer, and science officer.  Lukas shook his head to himself and focused his attention on the wall. His hands moved slowly over the surface in his search for an access.  There was an assumption that there were service tubes, so he was looking for a break in the bulkhead. The German continued to talk under his breath.

“I wish I’d gotten more tries on that panel.  I think I was close to figuring out the symbols.  Maybe the lockout has expired.”

Lukas walked back toward the door and hovered at the panel.  Aquamarine hues studied the glyphs and he lifted his hand to tap on the smooth buttons.  He froze when he heard something on the other side of the door.

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