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  Ensign Sherilyn Vocke, SD
Duty Log. SD 1804.22

Duty Log
SD 1804.22

“I was headed to the operations building to check on a glitch in the sensors within the mechanical room when a large ship descended on the outpost.  When Lieutenant Mazzi was called to the Lexington, I put the glitch on the backburner and made my way back to the med-sci building.

There’s not much for a science officer to do in such a situation, so I simply monitored the ship and scanned for trace elements on its hull.  The atmosphere from which it originated seems to be much like Tahnna Whanna’s. Nitrogen, oxygen, neon, argon, nickel. Something at the hatch prevented me from scanning inside the ship.

The humanoid was also difficult to get a read on.  There seemed to be a protective shield of some sort that prevented scans.  Visual assessment would indicate an avian species. There was no indication, however, that physiology included the ability to fly.”

Sherilyn closed out the log and filed it.  She shook her head and listened to the chatter on the outpost regarding the abduction of their officers.  The Khadidran made her way out of the lab and walked toward the Lexington.

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