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  Doctor S. Vasari, SD
DL: Vasari, S. Jane - 201804.15

Lieutenant S. Jane Vasari

Stardate: 201804.15

It had started out as a normal day.  Lieutenant Lukas Behr and I shared a shuttle to Outpost Phoenix, as always.  We parted ways to focus on our duties and I got sidetracked with a house call.  Ensign Mort Redshirt found me on the way to the medical building and insisted that I take a look at a suspicious mole.

The suspicious mole ended up being a speck of chocolate from his morning danish.

I continued on my way to the medical building and I happened upon Lieutenant Lukas Behr.  We walked together and enjoyed the weather. We ran into Ensign Sherilyn Vocke, who made an odd invitation to Lieutenant Behr.

Not that it matters.  He can see whomever he likes.

I barely stepped into the medical bay when an alert sounded.  The skies became dark and there was no way to fight against curiosity.  I had to direct nurses and fellow doctors away from the windows. I instructed all to fall into their places and to prepare for the worst.  

In preparation, I double checked the medical building systems to ensure that the shield generators were functional.

End report and file under duty report file number VSJ30249-00008.

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