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  Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson, SD
Ecosystem Tests

Stardate: 201804.14

Open Duty Log

I spent the day in the lab today running experiments. I am trying to isolate the necessary bacteria to balance out what the new colony on this planet is doing to the ecosystem. The hostile takeover of the area is poisoning the very earth and air of that area and it is spreading. Unless I can find the balancing bacteria to halt it’s spread, then within the year, this planet will no longer support the current ecosystem which was designed for human and humanoid habitation.
I am getting closer to finding that balancing bacteria both colonies need to co-exist on this world. I approve of allowing them to stay as I was part of the Human colony on Rigal VII all my life as my parents did they jobs. However, the newest colony must conform to those already living there to make it compatible. I am doing what I can to find the compatibility factor missing at this time. We might have to construct bio-domes for the new colony in order to balance the ecosystems. But I am not giving up on finding a natural solution for both parties.
While I was running my tests, an alien ship attempted to land on the outpost. Since I was already at my post in science, I didn’t have to do anything but continue with my tests. I am hoping I am not needed for anything troubling.

End Log

Lt jg Williamson

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