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  Lieutenant J. G. Patricia Yancy, SD
A Day Off - Interrupted

Stardate: 201804.14

After many months of detailed and determined effort, all the repairs are finished. I actually earned a day off and decided to work on my own project of building another clock. I’m making this one for Chef Bobby Harris to thank him for all the wonderful meals I’m getting at his place.
I got the message on my padd that the repairs have been inspected and approved without much comment. I guess no one gets too thrilled anymore with brand new hulls and a clean and properly set computer system. It’s a good thing I don’t care what people think about my work, unless it’s to complain that it wasn’t done up to par when I’ve always gone above and beyond par. My work is my signature and it has to be perfect.
Then while I was carving and sanding the gears for the new clock, an align ship attempted to land on the outpost. It was quite upsetting and interrupted my day off, which annoyed me. I put away my tools and project, cleaned up and then went to engineering as yellow alert had been called. I really hope this is just someone who got lost and wants to party and not someone hostile who needs to have their butts kicked.

Lt jg Pat Yancy

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