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  Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukas Behr, SD
Duty Log. SD 1804.08
Duty Log
SD 1804.08

‘It’s been a long day.  I rushed to get all of the reports sorted when I got into Operations so that I could start researching the star charts.  I was so glad to see that there were none for the Tahnna’Whanna system. Names and star positions were submitted for approval.  I gave them five, though they might break it into six or even seven.

Perle for the pearls of Venus’ necklace.  It’s five stars, classifications ENDIS-7923, RXO-1203, SPNR-349, Cartenilli Beta, and Erigonz.  It can be seen in the spring on the northern horizon.

Adelaide is the Lombard princess who escaped a tower.  Four stars. ONW-93O2, DVNJ-641R, Hernikote, and Isaac-265J.  Only visible in the spring, low on the southern horizon.

Kolibri the hummingbird is six stars.  Classifications UNFK-93A1 and SCN14 make the beak.  Resehari is the eye, Jimgera the tail. INED-295 and NCKI-098B are the wings.  It’s visible all year, on the eastern horizon in spring and the western in autumn.

Atalanta is the two mast, multi-sail schooner.  Twelve stars. Merkos, Sintero, Elkins-319D, UMF-23WK1, FWMO-3920, and PBXU-3A20 make up the masts.  FYN-39L-23, WCNJ-2039, and Bryce-731A are sail points, Dolivuk, Isynerit, and Myers-308F are the boat.  It’s also visible all year, situated across the sky from Kolibri.

I’ve submitted Aci, Galatea, and Polyphemus as one called Metamorphoses but it wouldn’t surprise me if they split it into two or three.  It’s a total of nineteen stars. Seven for Aci, seven for Galatea, and five for Polyphemus. The seven for the shepherd are Satinoku, Verrus, Daxis-184B, AZUN-5803, HFVRI-046, DDCE-3045, and IEMG-6763.  Polyphemus the cyclops consists of YNGF-2857, FFDP-8943, QSAD-93, BNUI-09325, and NEI-32856. Galatea is Huggins-843E, Bristol-1953C, LMEN-613W, RFCI-8320, NPO-239, SJKN-3J50, and ECTU-3951, which I’ve requested to be reclassified as Civetta. It can be seen all year in the eastern sky.

It shouldn’t take long to hear back about adding these to the star charts.  I just hope it’s soon so I can surprise Jane. She was so amazing to get me the telescope and the sextant.  I can’t even begin to express the depth of my appreciation for her.’

Lukas glanced away from his log entry when the operations console sounded an alert.  He frowned briefly and quickly saved the log. It was filed away so he could return to his duties.  The German tapped on the surface and glanced out the window, as if he could see the incoming vessel. “Martinique, you’re clear for entry and landing.” He sent an alert to the landing pad so they could clear any remaining cargo from the ship that came by several days ago.

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