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  Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukas Behr, SD
Incident Report. SD 1802.18 (backdated)
Incident Report
SD 1802.18 (backdated - takes place after ‘Khadidran’s Guide’)

Lukas shook his head to himself as he walked back toward the security building.  It was already too much that Nicoletti had called out again, this time for a late shift, but the incident he’d just had to break up was a bit over the top.  The German sighed quietly and rubbed his calloused hand over his face as he walked into the security center. He dropped into a chair and immediately started typing his report to Lieutenant Neko.

‘An unidentified officer was taking a stroll through the grounds and reported anonymously to security that two people were becoming amorous on the lawn.  Lieutenant Peter Blankenship was out on another call, so I went to investigate. I discovered Ensigns Tomas Mazzi from Engineering and Sherilyn Vocke from Science in a questionable position and immediately requested they separate and continue in the privacy of quarters.  They followed my direction and I made sure that they entered the residential building before returning to the security office. Note date and time, file and forward to the chief of security for review.’

The operations - sometimes security - officer decided it best to leave out the part where the Khadidran had propositioned him.  That wasn’t necessarily very professional to include in a report. He was, however, eager to fill in Jane on the interesting evening.  It was only fifteen minutes before Blankenship returned and Lukas left him for the night. He was able to get a ride home from Randall Ellison since Therese Bjornsen had taken the hovercar earlier.  Lukas was disappointed that there was no letter from the medical officer and forgot all about the juicy gossip.

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