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  Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson, SD
Medical Emergency

Stardate: 201803.12

Duty Log

We had a medical emergency today. The Pathfinder was seeking help in dealing with a plague that is fatal to all that are not pure human or Betezoid. As I am pure human, even if I was raised on an alien world, I was called upon to help out. Although my science background does mean I understand plague, it doesn’t mean I’m qualified to deal with people who have the plague.
I will admit that I spent most of the day in the lab, going over the blood work and tracing the infection in the system. I’ve been trying to locate the common factors that make it so virulent. So far I have found that the plague is carried by an enzyme in the bodily fluids, most especially the saliva, sweat glands, and tear ducts. The blood seems to be the least desirable bodily fluid to use, although traces of this plague are found there in the advance cases. The enzyme latches onto the hybrid chromosomes that make hybrid breeds possible. The pure Human and Betezoid chromosomes have a natural anti-body that attacks and repels this enzyme.
I am working on a vaccine for this plague, something that will reverse it and not just slow it down. Right now we are treating symptoms and I am hoping to find the cure. I will keep at it until I find the answer I need to help these people.

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