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  Ensign Patricia Yancy, SD
Repairs on the Lex

Lieutenant junior grade Pat Yancy
Stardate: 201803.12

Begin log

I was promoted today. I wasn’t expecting it, I’ve been so buried in the LCars repairs. I finally finished it yesterday, for the record. Everything in the system is better than factory new and works like a dream. I have now started on the ship itself. The chassis has taken quite a beating, but I think it can be over hauled. Until the skeleton has been fixed, it’s pointless to work on the individual systems. You have to have somewhere to put the systems, one that isn’t going to fall apart the first time stress is involved. So that is where I’m working this week. It will probably take me about two weeks to go over the entire chassis and find and repair all the flaws. But I refuse to do anything less than the best, and this is the best.

Pat Yancy, Out

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