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  Killian Sylver, SD
Official Report

Official Report
Rear Admiral Killian Sylver
Investigation on possible court martial: Commander Noah Masterson
Primary charges: Breaking the Prime Directive

Findings to date:
I have only received half of the reports from those on the away team. One was considerably late as to almost not be there at all. I find this lack of paperwork on the part of the officers of this outpost to be criminal and will be observing them for the time being. If paperwork starts coming in on time and in an orderly fashion, then I will reverse the standing order I am putting to the books. All officers from the newest Ensign to the Captain himself shall be on report for failure to do timely and orderly paperwork necessary for the running of this outpost and the Federation. If they can show me with some time they are serious and do the paperwork, I will remove the reprimands from their permanent records.
From the reports I have received and read, I have learned the Lexington was pulled into a tractor beam which was considered holy by a planet protected by the Prime Directive. Two factions lived on this planet, the dominant was the one controlling the tractor beam, the holy guardian. The subservient faction was fighting for equal rights and a voice. While this is all good and noble, the Prime Directive clearly states that Federation involvement in such disputes is to be left entirely alone. The people of the planet needs to figure it out on their own without help from an outside source. Since the Lexington was the focus of the rebellion that created the breach of the Prime Directive, it should have been forfeit to maintain the hands off policy with all systems locked down until the planet wished to enter the Federation and we could reclaim our ship.
That, of course, isn’t what happened. A fight ensued in which Commander Noah Masterson lead his team to side with one faction from the planet and get the Lexington free causing civil unrest on the planet and affecting the independent evolution of the planet and its species. I am here to determine if there is just cause to not court martial Commander Noah Masterson.    
On a personal note, after making sure I was not to be messed with, I called a recess so that the counsel I brought with me who were watching the proceedings could evaluated those involved and make their assessments. We will proceed with the trial within the hour, with appropriate counsel for all involved. I still think giving such leniency is wrong and sets a dangerous precedent. I, will, however, consider all points of view before I make my judgement. No wonder I was sent instead of Arhele, she has no tolerance whatsoever for this kind of mistake and Noah Masterson’s head would be served up on a wooden platter for the rest of HC to use as a hockey puck. Lord, give me patience.
Rear Admiral Killian Sylver

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