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  Ensign Ciaran MacArdry, SD
DL: PO/2 Eachan MacArdry Deposition

What I remember of  the mission to Rizlow V is not as complete as I would want it, but here goes anyway.

We beamed down to RizlowV to try to turn off a tractor device that was holding the Lexington in place around the planet. We were working on getting the mechanism to release the ship when we were captured and disarmed by this rather bellicose group of pygmy natives called the Galvalan , who accused us of spying on them and  trying to wreck their tractor device which they called "the Overseer". MCmdr Masterson offered  to fight  them for our freedom in trial by combat but he was already injured and Dewan, some sort  of leader for the Gavalan, had these two large  creatures haul us off when these Spider-people, the Lolthene, absconded with us away from the Galvalan. I tried communicating with them telepathically and the attempt was successful, with the Lolthene giving me their history of their fight with the Gavalan. We agreed to help them in  order to get back to the Overseer and free the ship. After a fair sized knock-down drag-out in the Overseer's chamber alongside our Lolthene allies, the Galvalan were defeated and we were able to turn  off the Tractor beam  holding the Lexington before heading back to the ship.

The  Lolthene are a fascinating people and I sincerely hope to meet with them again sometime  in the future.

PO/2 Eachan MacArdry
End Report and file as MAEJ033197-00003
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