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  Lieutenant J. G. Kaitlyn Williamson, SD
Arriving on Planet

Begin log
Stardate 20180212

I arrived just after breakfast this morning. The outpost looks functional and a nice place to set up shop. I will admit to being more interested in the native flowers that greeted us with their spicy fragrance. The presence of avian life also gives me great hopes of what I might learn here. I know that I’m supposed to have answers while I’m here, but I am excited to learn as well. Nothing teaches better than nature itself, for those who know how to learn from it.
I have my own small cottage on the outer rim of the outpost, by my request. My backyard is filled with native flora and I won’t have anyone complaining about my experiments. I am not on the roster until tomorrow, so today, I will get settled and discover everything I can about the flora closest to me. I am excited to be here.

End log

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