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  Ensign Ekret Gavril, SD
Gavril's Duty Log, StarDate 201712.4

Ensign Ekret Gavril Duty Log, StarDate 201712.4

I spent most of my day going over ships medical files. Surveying the crews medical history. Their particular needs and needed care for each individual. My coworkers Doctor Ciaran MacArdry and Doctor Vasari who were also tending to the medbay. Macardy was similarly looking through files whiles Vasari was relaxing on a biobed.    

While the three of us were passing time. Lieutenant Neko and Petty officer second class Thyrra had arrived to medbay with Ensign Pix who had a scheduled physical therapy session in medbay for his knee. Though before they were able to pass through the door the ship started to violently shake with the lights flickering. Unprepared for the shock I was thrown across the room. Uninjured I was helped up by Neko.

Every one else were also uninjured save for some minor bruises. Some individuals with minor injuries began slowly moving into the medbay while the ship kept tossing and turning. The medbay crew began tending to the injured while I noted that there had to be allot more injured across the ship. I quickly used the ships medical emergency transportation procedure to transport and unconscious crew members to bio beds with a medical containment around them to stabilize them. The three that came in. Pix, Neko, and Thyrra left to scour the ship for any conscious injured individuals.    

The entire medical team in medbay were overloaded with patient after patient with varies broken bones and head trauma. We did our best to heal the most serious injured crew members first and going down the line.    

We then were called that the captain Arzie was unconscious. Recommending we get a emergency transport lock on her. Since the ships turbulence would be to dangerous any other way.

End Duty log.
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