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  Lieutenant Commander Noah Masterson, SD
XO's Duty Log for SD 201708.13


During a shakedown cruise of the now-repaired Lexington, we received a broken and distorted distress call from Chandra II. The call was terminated by what sounded like disruptor fire. I've ordered the Lex to respond; we're en route now. I had a chance to confirm that the all sensors and communications are working correctly; we were in the midst of a weapons test when the call came in. We'll have to make an impromptu test of the weapons as well as the probe launch system. We're en route to Chandra II and should arrive in about 10 minutes. My plan is twofold: first, make an orbital assessment of Chandra II and whomever is attacking the Federation colony there. I have a feeling that the Lex will see less close-air-support duty and more orbital superiority engagement but this remains to be seen. Second, land near the colony and send an Away Team comprised of Security, Marines and Medical personnel to the colony. Once there, they will repel the aggressors and begin the evacuation of wounded colonists. Once the colony is secured, all Lexington personnel will withdraw and we will return to TW IV.

As of now, the rules of engagement are: "all Security/ Marine personnel will protect themselves and any Federation persons to the fullest extent of Starfleet regulations. Upon deployment planetside, all Federation issued weapons will be set to the most appropriate Stun setting possible. Escalation of Use Of Force will come only after the overall mission commander authorizes it; the overall mission commander may designate subordinates capable of making such decisions (such as but not limited to: the Away Team OIC, Security Chief or Marine Detachment Commander) and these will be recorded in the Mission Log. Furthermore, only the overall mission commander may authorize an escalation from less-than-lethal force to lethal force. " Starfleet Regulation 1138.18(7)[a]{Rules of Engagement for Armed Away Teams/ Marine Patrols}


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