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  Lieutenant Commander Noah Masterson, SD
XO's Duty Log for SD 201707.13

At 1000 hours (local), a civilian freighter (Antares-class, SS Bhutan) entered TW IV's area of operations and began transmitting a general Distress Call. Operations made contact with the vessel and gave clearance for it to use OPX's Landing Field. OPX was placed on Yellow Alert and Medical and Rescue personnel were standing by. At 1005 hours, the Bhutan officially declared an Emergency. OPX was taken to Red Alert and appropriate protocols were. At 1007, communications with the Bhutan were abruptly severed. At 1009 hours, a large explosion was witnessed by most of the Outpost's personnel. Medical and Rescue personnel (including a three-Marine Security team) on stand-by were dispatched to an area 13 kilometers south of the Outpost.
Senior staff were present in Operations during the incident as the Executive Officer had called an emergency meeting.
SAR personnel, IAW XO's orders, are in full HAZMAT or EVA suits and are to scan for lifeforms only.
Starfleet will be contacted with the details of the incident and further guidance will be requested as well as Recovery assests.
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