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  Captain Sylax Mancuso, SD
Duty Log SD-56908.16
Captain Sylax Mancuso
USS Huron NCC-37199

     We are a few hours out from Myce IV. I have been
in communication with Captain Daniel Mancuso On OPX
and with Commander Clark Savage On the USS Federation.
Apparently there has been a massive Insurgency Strike
on all Federation and Starfleet Assets on the planet.
the USS Federation has been beaming Civilians and
Attached Personnel for the better part of the day.
Injuries have been high and the fear factor is even

     The Convoy Is at Battle Stations, i have had a
meeting with Captain Berenger Of the USS Volga and
Captain Kristopher of the USS Capricorn and have come
up with a stategy in case we become targeted by the
chaos reining in Myce IV.

     My Science Officer has indicated to me that the
Star's mass has been fluctuating in small increments
for the past 4 hours, i have indicated this to both
Captain Mancuso and Commander Savage On Myce IV.

End Log.

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