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  Captain Daniel Mancuso, SD
DL-56807.23: News about My Future... Part 2
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   Note: this takes place  before last nights sim.
      Daniel took the PADD from Commander Savage's Hand and looked at it... it was a standard PADD but this one had a blocked Screen.. it had a security retinal scan unit embedded on the case... Daniel placed his right eye and the scanner did its thing and the case opened...
     "Captain Daniel Mancuso, I am Admiral Kyle Retrine I run The Federation's Expansion Bureau... I have a Job For You and I will not take No For an Answer.  Do you know were the Myce System is ? its near Breen Space... did you know we had an outpost there?  I'm sure you didn't... did you know that the star there is giving indications that it might go Nova? not really 'cause we just found out last week...So, guess what I want you to do? I want you to Take command of the outpost on Myce IV and get our people out.  The Local Government has been notified of our findings and they are taking the necessary steps to evacuate their population.  Captain Mancuso I cannot stress the importance of your mission, there is a lot of valuable Federations assets on that outpost and I need them to be retrieved and rescued before anything starts to happen.  The Diplomatic Corps has started negotiations with the Breen and the Marsettans so that they can help with transport ships and or even military vessels if the need arises to evacuate the 120 million Mycians that inhabit the planets of that system. Starfleet has been gracious enough to bring out of mothballs 5 aging Conestoga Class Colony Ships... Mancuso, these ships are over 100 years old... they have been refitted with stronger containment fields and faster engines... still they will only make warp 5.  now... we have a place for you to go to, and that is on the upper plane of the galactic arm closest to the Galaxy edge... very close to were the Equine were driven out of our space... and we are going to put to your disposal a lot of new and very nice equipment for you to do your duty far and away from the prying eyes of the Romulans and the Breen and the rest of the not so friendly Civilizations surrounding our Federation.  I am sure you are questioning my total lack of reverence toward the Federation and all its stands, well I am a cynic and as such I hate all and despise everything else, but that doesn't concern you, what does concern you is that you need to get there ASAP.  Commander Savage will take your place on the Federation until further notice.. and eventually will be recalled to other duties, Now I hope you understand that I am not joking when I say that I want you there.  Your reputation among the other Starfleet command officers  Was put in question after your Murder Trial, But it was vindicated after the war. I Need your 500% effort on this. Good Day Captain Mancuso, God Speed."
     With that the screen went blank and the PADD turned off, Daniel looked up at Savage and blinked... "is this true?" Savage only Nodded knowing rather well what Retrine Could do if you didn't follow his orders.  " Danny Look, Your New Posting Orders have been issued to your CO at this moment, he knows you will be leaving, and he knows he has to take you to Myce 4.  after that its a toss up, get the job done get the people out and yourself in one piece."  Daniel looked at Savage questionly.  " You are hiding something... what is it?, tell me..."  Savage was in obvious turmoil...on his face you could clearly see the internal struggle he was waging, he made a decision and started talking... " Danny the place is in total chaos... the Local government blurted the news out and the people are basically crazy... order has broken down to anarchy... Breen's come in and take what they want.. Marsettans do what they please... the Outpost hasn't been overrun because they got some Awesome shield tech and some Big assed phaser cannons and Photon Torp Launchers...but eventually these characters will grow defiant and will find a way to penetrate.Starfleet has tried to block out the sun with a pinky finger and the Mycians are angry...its the whole Cardassian-Federation DMZ right before the war started...all we need to happen is that some Marquis wannabee's starts attacking left an right...
     Daniel Sat back and wondered were he was being sent... "God's...  what else does Command want from me? more Blood?"  Clark Looked and smiles.. "seems you haven't fill your quota buddy...gimme that vein..." He comes over and sits on the edge of the desk..." look mate, I got a rough job.. I give people the bad news..but I move on.. this time I wish I could stay and help out ... you are in for a rough ride amigo...watch your back..."  He stood and looked at the office... " hmm I though the XO Office was smaller... this is real comfy..." and he walked out.  Daniel just Shook his head... "This is going to be some adventure..."
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