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Lieutenant junior grade Williamson

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Bio for: Kaitlyn Williamson

Name: Kaitlyn Joann Williamson
Rank: Lieutenant jg
Age: 27
Birth Place: Human Complex on Rigel VII
Birth Date: March 15
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 103 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Father: David Victor Williamson, xeno-botenist/biologist
Mother: Mary Cathrine Jones Williamson, Diplomat
Siblings: Brother: Arthur James Williamson, Political Attaché, age 35
Sister: Julianna Lynn Williamson Peters, Pediatric doctor, age 32

History: Kaitlyn grew up on Rigel VII learning all about Indigenous peoples and plants. It started as a hobby and grew into a passion, learning all about anything new coming in contact with Humans and their allies. Micro systems interest her, such as tide pools, swamps, and caves. She was sponsored to Starfleet Science by her father when she was 15 due to her high test scores in science.

Kaitlyn was always more interested in her experiments than in completing assignments. Many times she was late on her homework having worked all night observing and making notes on her special experiments. Her findings couldn’t be faulted, even if she didn’t do the paper work involved. Her roommates kept asking to be reassigned as Kaitlyn tended to bring her work home with her and freaked out more than one roommate. When she graduated from the academy, she was first stationed with terraforming teams, working with the micro biology needed to create a successful ecosystem. When Outpost Phoenix was opened up, she volunteered, interested in the psychic fungus found on the surface.

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