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  Lieutenant Commander Noah Masterson, SD
Duty Roster - Stardate: 201707.16

Please update your mailstrings and forward any changes and corrections to USFArzie@gmail.com.
We meet on Sundays at 2200 EST /1900 PST in http://sector001.com/ webchat room Outpost Phoenix.

From the XO’s Desk
- Wiki Entries: The CO and I have posted new tutorials to the Wiki. Review them and make good use of the material therein. Also,    
- Logs: Just a reminder: if you want logs to count toward promotions, ensure they are posted to the appropriate OPX board. If you only email out your logs, they won’t be counted toward promotions, as per USF regulations.

Away Team Roster

Officer in Charge:     Lieutenant Heiwa Neko
Engineering:     N/A
Eng. 2IC/ Pilot:     NPC
Medical OIC:     Ensign D. MacArdry    
Science OIC:     Ensign Kajen Pix
Science Specialist:    Thyrra
Security OIC:     Lieutenant Heiwa Neko
Marine Detachment LDR Corporal Nikolai Kozlov

*As of Stardate 201707.09, the Away Team (minus the abductees) is all aboard the shuttlecraft and en route to the Crash Site. All members are in full HAZMAT/ EVA suits for their protection. They have also been ordered to scan only for lifeforms, not any of the equipment or debris.