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ares personal log dec 2018

USS Ares Personnel Transcripts

by Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse
[Stardate ]


USS Ares NCC-7552-D

SD 201812.17

Ensign James Havey Slim

PL - My Gun Cabinet

James was sitting in his quarters after work looking at the empty gun cabinet. He had finally gotten the room modifications completed. The art deco wall concealing his security monitor and a small stash of contemporary weapons in sensor shielded hidden compartments and the “fake” computer were in place. No he need the finishing touches.

What the cabinet needed was the antique weapons. Working relics of the bygone days of human military traditions. He had a few weapons in particular in mind. He started a list for the XO to approve or disprove with the captain.

A flintlock axe-pistol. The Polish navy developed and used the close quarters weapon in 1604. Axe- pistols were use off and on for the next 200 years by at least four different militaries. They were not only a serviceable hand to hand weapon once the shot was fired but they could be used as a breaching tool like a fire ax.    
In 1838, the United States Navy developed the .54 caliber, single-shot smoothbore Elgin pistol, which was equipped with an 11.5-inch Bowie knife blade and was intended for use by boarding parties; it was the first percussion cap gun in naval service, but only 150 were made.

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