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  Lieutenant Commander Triessa, SD
Only The Shadow Knows...
Only The Shadow Knows...
DL: Lt Cmdr Triessa

Despite spending considerable time since she came aboard attempting to research the truenature and identity of T'Braka, the mysterious Vulcan ostensibly sent by Starfleet to "observe" the crew and the operations of the USS Ares,  I've failed.  Aside from the initial data uncovered by Lt Bradley -- that she is a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy and served an attache to a Starfleet Admiral -- nothing more seems to exist.  That in itself is an oddity since these hardly constitute a well-rounded curriculum vitae for a woman who looks to be at least one hundred. 

I made my feelings about her known to the Captain from the very first day she came aboard and she has done nothing but reinforce my dislike and distrust of her presence during the time she has been here. Even when she is silent, her presence, like the sound her Vulcan robe makes when she walks, is decidedly abrasive. When she chooses to speak, the disdain which drips from her every word grates on my nerves even more. 

Captain Markson has taken T'Braka's irritating omnipresence with far more aplomb than I am inclined to do.   That is quite the feat of restraint since she dedicates the bulk of her time to shadowing him, nipping at his heels like a stray -- and perhaps rabid -- dog. At least I don't have to worry that he is in denial about her "mission" on the Ares, in private he did not have a problem bluntly terming her a "babysitter" not an observer. 

I do not believe that observation is her sole reason for being aboard. She has been meticulously careful but I have noticed that as her eyes fixate upon me and on the rest of the bridge crew, her beady eyes and spindly fingers seem to be drifting ever closer to the nearest console or LCARs screen.

Humans have a quotation that fits my take on this situation.  "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"   Which is often translated from the ancient language Latin into Standard as "Who watches the watchers"  It's my understanding that the quote refers to ensuring that those persons in positions of power are subject to oversight and not allowed to let them become power mad.  So, who watches the watcher here?  I will.


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