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  Lieutenant Commander Triessa & Ens James Slim, SD
A Security Auxiliary Post JDL: Lt Cmdr Triessa, Ens. James Slim

USS Ares 201810.09

Lt Commander Triessa

Ens James Harvey Slim

JDL - A Security Auxiliary Post

James had been prepping his quarters to serve as an auxiliary security center on case of a ship-wide emergency. He had prepped the engineering wall with the hidden compartments for the wall mounted display and several other nooks for hiding equipment. The decoy computer was installed near the bathroom wall along with an exposed cabinet for the archaic weapon display. The Lt Commander had said she would stop in to look at his progress this afternoon.

Triessa arrived at Ensign Slim's quarters exactly midway in the afternoon.  Something about dividing things into neat, even segments felt right to her. She wasn't sure why, it just did.  Triessa found the door to is quarters open, so she went in and called out.

“Ensign Slim?  I took the open door as an invitation to enter.  I hope that I am not intruding?”

“No, no, you're fine.  I wish I could say the same for my lunch.  I was cooking up some mac and cheese and ran into a bit of a problem. I left the door open to air out the burned smell.”

“Ah, I thought I smelled something odd when I stepped off the turbolift.  It must have been your attempt to cook. Personally, I've never felt the need to cook my own victuals.  The replicator is programmed to provide nutritious fare.”

“I know, but I prefer to try to keep my cooking skills sharp and usually do some cooking from time to time.  You never know when there will be an emergency when the replicators are offline or we're stranded on a backwater planet and have to fend for ourselves.”

“I see.”  She replied looking around at the changes which he had already begun making.  “You seem concerned with the potential for emergencies.”

“Well, I am a security officer and being prepared for anything goes along with the job.”  Slim replied.

“Commendable.  So, show me what you've done so far and explain more about your intentions.  I make no promises, but if I find the modifications reasonable, I will approve them or bring the ideas to Captain Markson's attention.”

She stood a little stiffly as he began.

“As you can see the wall to your left there is outfitted with a few concealed compartments which are intended to contain security equipment.  I've already installed a wall monitor in that section.” He said pointing to indicate an upper corner. “Below that is a small area which could be used to hold riot gear such as vests, batons and stuff of that nature.  In the center section there are three compartments which could be used as lockers to store phasers. These lockers are shielded from standard tricorder scans and will be secured with access codes known only to myself, yourself, our security chief, and the Captain.  The section neared the door is an unsecured, exposed area where I want to hold old engineering equipment on display. It will serve to tie my display walls together and make it not so obvious that they hold or conceal equipment which would be useful or valuable in an attack. Under the Engineering equipment a small locker could hold a standard med kit and one for burns and radiation.”

“If you come over to this side of the room, you see this obvious computer, This piece is a decoy in the event we are boarded and the intruders do a room to room search..This weapon cabinet will contain archaic weapons only, Anyone looking at this display might consider it just that - a hobbyist's display and bypass it In our modern phaser age. Ammo,primers, and black powder would be stowed the the key locked cabinet below.” He moved to the models on the wall facing the hallway and opened the saucer section of one of his ships and pulled out the antique skeleton key……”Here is the key.” he said then replaced it.

He watched Triessa for any reaction as he showed her the setup

The Lt Commander was obviously trying to take in everything but it was a lot more than she had anticipated.  For a man recently adopting a security career, he certainly had fully thrown himself into the finer details. She was pretty sure most of the extra gear was not needed and a part of her wondered if some of this was a reaction to having lost his family.  She had glanced at his small shine-like area with family holo-cubes and she remember reading about his losses in his personnel file. Having created such a tribute seemed to be more than in simple remembrance and the rest of the modifications he was working could also be a way to distract himself from his pain. But she was not a counselor and even though the changes might feel excessive to some, she liked them.

“I admire your initiative and the amount of thought which must have gone into their planning makes me feel that security will be a good fit for you.  I'd like to bring most of your ideas to Captain Markson, I especially like the idea to keep med kits at the ready and for now, I'll give you the go-head for those and the secure compartments for personal phasers and emergency gear. I'm not going to require you to disassemble your clever set up using the dummy computer, however I do advise an authorization lock out on the decoy or implement some false information so that if someone looks or breaks the lock out, the info they get will be useless.  I'll run everything past the captain and will get back to you. Keep up the good work.”

“While you are considering this let me show you the documentation I have for my family heirlooms down in the armory.” He pulled a box from under his bed and opened it. There were three certificates signed by the master of arms. These documents indicated that the armory was holding  a Pennsylvania long rifle circa 1760's in working order with 30 percussion caps and an equal number of lead ball rounds, there was a WWII era Beretta 9mm stamped with D O W and its serial number which also included 6 boxes of ammo. The most unusual Item was a two handed broadsword which bore his family crest on the pommel of the hilt It had a nice crossguard that was tipped with ½ inch brass picks. He handed her the documentation.

She looked over everything with a solemn mein.  “I must admit that being a Vorta, I can't adequately comprehend what this items must mean to you.  I don't even have the memories of the previous Triessa family. But I know that humans and other species place great value on items possessed by their ancestors.  It's my lack of comprehension that has me referring much of this to Captain Markson since he will place the appropriate significance on the items and the desire to put them on display.  I hope you understand. I am not trying to block this but feel the Captain should decide.”

“I understand you have no knowledge your former clones.  But isn't there some way to request and items which they had held dear?”

The Vorta's laugh was odd.

“As a species created to serve, Vorta were made with no sense of aesthetics or personal style.  Hence we do not become attached to inanimate objects as so many species do. I don't need to ask, I know, there would be nothing.”

“Do you even know where the clone before you was stationed?”

…˜No. I would assume that Triessas' 1-7 served aboard a succession of Jem'hadar ships, fighting on the behalf of our gods, The Founders.”

“What would they have been doing when not on duty or between assignments?”  Slim pondered aloud.

“Again, I do not know.  I did not undergo the usual transference of memories and histories that is normal for a Vorta to receive from his or her predecessor.  I would only be speculating. Besides, I do not want to lay claim to any trophies or mementos from the war the Founders brought upon the Alpha Quadrant.  I am content to learn how to best be myself and a good Starfleet officer and to put the past behind me where it belongs.”

She appeared ready to end their conversation and turned to the door.

As she turned to leave, the older ensign was left wondering if her eschewing her past, meant that she disavowed the founders as well.  He hoped that one day soon she felt like discussing this further.

“Give the Captain my regards.” He said. “And have a good day Commander.  Mi casa es tu casa.”

She did know his parting phrase and she wasn't sure why he said it.  Was she becoming friends with this human? She did not know.

“Good day Ensign.”  She departed, with both he and she left with questions unanswered.


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