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  Lieutenant Junior Grade Alec Erikson, SD
Captain's Ship's Log
"Captain's log.
After what has seem liked an eternity, the ship was actually ready for it's first actual voyage under power. After the core was installed and hundreds of diagnostics performed, we received our shipment of anti-matter.
The acting chief engineer, Ensign Orrak, started the startup sequence on the core. During the process, the chief ran multiple checks on the core. When it was finally complete, we were ready to leave spacedock.
The helmsman, Ensign Ba Cir, was ordered to move us out of the dock. When that was completed, I ordered him to plot a course out of the system at half impulse. When we cleared Earth's moon, I ordered full impulse. When we reached open space, I instructed the ensign to take us to warp 1.
An open comm channel was available to talk to main engineering.
When it appeared that the core was working properly at warp 1, I ordered the helmsman to take us to warp 2, then increase speed every 5 minutes until we reached warp 7.
By the time we reached warp 7, engineering had reported that everything was working perfectly. I ordered a course back to Earth, the techs at Planitia wanted to run diagnostics and make sure everything was perfect.
In the meantime, the ship's head nurse, Lieutenant Baldwin started acting unusual. She stormed off the bridge ranting about someone screaming. Lieutenant T'Vait followed her out to see what she could do. Baldwin entered her quarters, and with T'Vait inside, tried to barricade herself inside her quarters.
After repeated attempts to get her to go to sickbay, I had no choice but to have security escort her there. She attacked and broke an arm of one of the officers. Lieutenant T'Vait ordered the officers out and she tried to reason with Baldwin. I had the transporter chief standing by to beam Baldwin to the brig, where she could receive treatments, but she removed her commbadge, then used her phaser to disable the door controls.
Even my ordering her seemed to have no effect.
I was about to order that anesthzine gas flood the quarters.
Now I have to report this to Planitia who will probably want to quarantine the ship.
USS Ares, Captain Jake Markson."

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