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T'Vait - Personal Log: Second-Hand Opportunities

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by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Vait
[Stardate ]


Lt. Jr. Gr. T'Vait
Personal Log: Second-Hand Opportunities
Stardate 201809.12

T'Vait surveyed the scene disconsolately. There were two extensive rooms filled with discarded furniture from Federation ships and from the Starbase's own offices and lounges. Anything too large to be easily replicated was saved in case it could furnish a new captain's ready room, or diplomat's office, or even occasionally a well-connected crew member's quarters. T'Vait's counseling office needed furniture, and of course the pieces remaining on their new ship were in very poor condition. After asking at several requisitions offices, she had finally been given permission to visit these rooms and take whatever she deemed necessary.

There were dozens of upright, stiff-looking Klingon chairs, assorted bar stools, low tables of every geometric shape, and a large number of clear acrylic or crystal shelving arrangements. For a counseling office that would mainly be frequented by humans, none of this looked particularly promising. The pieces looked cold, hard, awkward, clumsy, crowded, unfamiliar, unbalanced, mismatched, and occasionally broken. She suppressed a sigh as she remembered her handmade Vulcan chair which had, as far as she knew, been destroyed in the Athena. It was a mere matter of convenience, not one of attachment to material possessions.

She wandered through the room and pulled aside a small, plain, wooden table. This could work - most species have an affinity for natural materials, which were interpreted as calming. Seating would be more important, though, and it would be best to have at least three comfortable seats. She looked askance at a set of four lounge chairs that were obviously Orion and meant to display and accessorize women of ... certain occupations. They seemed comfortable, but gaudy and distracting - and would her patients not be offended to be asked to sit on them? Perhaps if they were re-covered in a neutral canvas... but that would require finding canvas, and tools, and the time to make all the changes. Perhaps they could be disguised with throws in neutral colors, at least until something more suitable could be found.

Desks - there were plenty of huge, official-looking pieces, with leather or marble tops, but T'Vait didn't want to resemble an aspiring diplomat. She wanted something minimal, practical; really just a set of drawers with a tabletop. Finally she found what looked like a drafting table of some kind, streamlined and easily raised or lowered, but without any storage. Still, it would have to do as a workspace. As a chair for herself, she found a kind of bar stool with a woven seat, almost reminiscent of her own chair.

Looking over her choices, she paused again. This was far from ideal. Still, she should not be disappointed: it is the way that it is. If she had had unreasonable expectations, at least she was now reminded of reality. They would not be pampered or catered to on the new Ares.
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